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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Saren
    Mastodon - 2 shirts
    Devin Townsend
    Amon Amarth - 2 different shirts
    Black Sabbath - World Tour shirt, saw them when they were here.
    Death - just early original/red logo shirt
    Suicidal Tendancies
    Electric Wizard
  2. Redcarmoose
    Only two lightweight ones.............
    I love my Kiss shirt cuz it says ...I Lost My Mind In Los Angeles Rock City Staples Center.
  3. markm1
    Very cool. I want to get some cool posters to trick out a listening rock/metal mancave of sorts.
    Finally have my basic gear, CD's properly stored and digitized.
    Anyone have some recommendations for good on-line venders besides Amazon for posters....just looking for some classic vintage visuals of my rock and metal heros...Motorhead, Zepp/Sabbath, Maiden, At the Gates, Emperor etc.I don't think I can handle Immortal...great band...but their photos are a little....uh...what can you say? silly?
  4. Tom Yum Goong
    Speaking of shirts....guess what my brother bought for my birthday a few days ago?

    The most beautiful Devin Townsend shirt in existence:

    Based on this ingenious video:

  5. Angelbelow
    Ever since my friend told me buying merchandise at concerts is one of the best ways to support an artist I've been trying my best.
    Bought a Moonsorrow one over the internet (not from their official) but it wasn't preshunk so the shirt became too small.
  6. ferday
    you have stuff like Locrian, Nadja, Pyramids, House of Low Culture, tides, etc. that are metal based drone and often a bit louder and less "pretty"
    then you have lustmord, oren ambarchi, nurse with wound, merzbow, aidan baker/tim hecker, etc. who make noisier ambient, often more electronic and/or spacey but often guitar based
    then you have any number of post rock albums that have a very similar guitar sound but tend to be less ambient and more structured.  to me impale golden horn is most like ambient post-rock, similar to Set Fire to Flames, Do Make Say Think, Mamiffer, etc.
    i have well over a thousand albums that could meet some of the criteria LOL...when i stumble on something that is really close i'll be sure to post up
  7. wrathzombie
    You are the man!!
  8. Angelbelow
    Listening to a vinyl rip of Enslaved - Vertebrae, and its fantastic.
  9. Tom Yum Goong
    This cover screams Cynic ♥

  10. Kirnupiima
    Nice! I wish this album will be good. Traced in Air wasn't quite up there for me and the EP was so dull. 
  11. 7S Cameron
    Can anyone point me in the direction of some bands that have this type of sound:



    This album is amazing, it's one of my favorites as I can't stop listening to it. Their second album just doesn't do it for me like this one does, so I'm trying to find another album with similar elements to this one. I haven't had any luck so far, any ideas?
  12. wrathzombie
    Dark Tranquility
    At The Gates.
    To me this sounds like Gothenburg(a subgenre of MDM)
  13. macrocheesium

  14. markm1
    I would second these choices. I suppose this qualifies as molodic DM, but  if you like the harsh/clean metalcore thing, I think Killswitch Engage on Alive or Just Breathing and As Daylight Dies sounds a lot more original to me. But, I'm old and jaded. Just about the etnire DT catolgog, early Inflames and and At The Gates are the best of the genre IMO-which is pretty played out at this point, but the classics are great.
    If this kind of music appeals to you, my melodic DM/MC 101 would be:
    1. At the Gates-Slaughter of the Soul-kind of the Sgt Peppers of the genre
    2. Dark Tranquilty-The Gallery, Damage Done or Character
    3. Amon Amarth-for good measure-just pick an album (I like Oden on Our Side and Twiight of the Thunder Gods)
    4. Killwswith Engage-even though they are considered metalcore-Alive or Just Breathing-is really terrific and an important album in this style
    My top choices would by At the Gates from a historical perspective and Dark Tranquility. I think DT is the best melodeath band...just MO
  15. markm1
    This is only tangentially metal. But, has anyone heard the 2007 remastered compilation Led Zeppelin- Mothership? It is a double disc compilation that was remastered. I believe it's also available on vinyl.
    People have complained about Zeppelin SQ for years.
    My understanding is that Jimmy Page remastered the songs on Mothership when they dropped the double live Celebration Day in '07 . I recently bought Celebration Day and think it’s pretty great.
    I've got every song from older studio albums, and am wondering if it would be worth the purchase. So yeah-I'm curious about difference from the 07 remastering versus the earlier mastering Page did in '91 of the entire Zep catalog.
    I know sometimes the recent remasters of clasic bands aren't necessarily better-sometimes they're just louder.
    Edit-The 90's Zep remastering is kind of notorious for not being very good as compared to other recent remastering of bands like Pink Floyd and certainly the recent Beatles which is really quite good.
    Now back to the usual DM/BM discussions [​IMG]
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