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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. Redcarmoose
  2. John In Cali
    Hmm, never participated in any other lists but I think this one is far more relevant to me.
    Chimp Spanner: All Roads Lead Here
    Intervals: The Space Between
    Between The Buried And Me: The Parallax II Future Sequence
    Gru: Cosmogenesis
    Rings Of Saturn: Dingir
    The Faceless: Akeldama, Planetary Duality, Autotheism
    Deafheaven: Roads To Judah, Sunbather
    Bosse De Nage: III
    Bilocate: Summoning The Bygones
    Sophicide: Perdition Of The Sublime
    Saille: Irreversible Decay
    Dor De Duh: Dor De Duh
    Xanthochroid: Blessed He With Boils
    Sulfur Aeon: Swallowed By The Oceans Tide
    Rolo Tomassi: Rolo Tomassi, Cosmology, Hysterics, Astraea
    Carach Angren: Death Came Through A Phantom Ship, Ethereal Veiled Existance, Lammendam, Where The Corpses Sink Forever
    Altar Of Plages: Teethed Glory And Injury
    Caladan Brood: Echoes Of Battle
    Haken: Visions
    Virgin Black: Elegant... And Dying, Requiem Mezzo Forte
    Plus tons of other not so metal, folk, classical, and jazz.
  3. Tom Yum Goong
    *insert list of the 130+ Metal albums I have on my DX50*

    Not in this list are the 50+ Jazz and Classical/Scores albums I have on there.
  4. ferday

    ******* slayer!
    Hey, a fan of Virgin Black! That is nice to see
  6. MorbidToaster
    My List:

    Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestial Lineage
  7. macrocheesium
    I'd put my list here, but seeing as I have about 400 albums on it I think I'll save you guys the trouble. 
  8. markm1
    Come on, Salyer is awesome. Maybe it's generational...if you didn't listen to slayer in the 80's you weren't legit. And they still rule in my book.
  9. markm1
    I'm a Virgin Black fan as well.
  10. ferday
    I have only a couple albums on the iPod as I usually carry a Tb drive around with most of my metal collection and I forget to restock the pod
    In the unusual event that I have a wifi I can access my entire collection over my server...but that rarely happens LOL
  11. markm1
    Wish You Were Here was the one disc I had...it was always my favorite. But, I grew up listening to PF...I'm old. The Wall came out when I was in HS and was a staple on FM radio. I've heard Dark Side so many times, that I avoided purchasing it until just recently because I'm almost sick of the songs. I'm a little like that with some Zeppelin. I love it. But, I've heard the songs ad nauseum. But, on a more resolving sounds sytem or w/ some nice HP, I still enjoy Us and Them, Brain Damage, Eclipse, etc. Tho, I confess to skipping the song-"Money"...
    It's hard for me  to listen to Dark Side or WYH without feeling drunk or stoned as they were always played late at night at parties when I was a teen. What actors call sense memory. Ha, ha!
    And of all the non metal classic rock bands (excluding bands like Sabbath, Zep, Deep Purple, Hendix) out there, I think many, many metal heads like floyd-you just see their influence from every prog metal group from Opeth to Nachtmystium to Enslaved, etc.
    For any prog lovers out there like me who haven't investigated PF beyond Dark S and WYH, Animals and especially Meddle are great pick ups.
  12. Trogdor
  13. Redcarmoose

    Lol. I love the album but I had to put in a ton of effort. I must have played it twenty times before I figured it out. Still maybe that's the charm is that their music has never ever been for everyone. Most of the reviews are much higher actually from a 75 to a 95.

    They have never sounded like a clean audiophile band to me. Again that's the charm is visiting this dusty dark alternate universe where only they abide.
  14. wrathzombie
    Good One..
  15. Origin89
    Definitely. I agree about Pink Floyd's influence. I actually don't think most people realize how much they helped pioneer in the Rock/Metal world. And yes, Meddle is incredible, "Echoes" is brilliant... and Animals is one of my favorite albums by them.
    "Big man, Pig man, ha ha, charade you are, ooh"
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