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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. wrathzombie
    This is going to make my year end list.
  2. Redcarmoose

    Great lead from the 1.19 mark to 2.11 mark.
  3. markm1
    New Jesu release? I thought Conqueror was pretty good.
  4. wrathzombie
    Yep. New release. Conqueror title track is just mind blowing!!!!... 
  5. Tom Yum Goong
    Really interesting and well made documentary on one of my favorite albums this year.
    They intentionally mastered it dynamic! Scores a whooping 9 on the DR scale.

  6. modulor
    Justin Broadrick has a way about him, he's just an incredible musician and songwriter...and a very diverse one at that.  His roots are in both extreme metal experimental electronic and you can always hear that in his later works like with Jesu (which is one of my favorite groups of his so it's nice to hear their latest material).  He's had so many different side projects and solo works, but his longest running project is Final, which is one of my personal favorites.  Kinda goes along with the previous Dark Ambient convo from a few days ago:

  7. wrathzombie
    Have to check that out.. After going through Jesu bandcamp page, the respect for Justin Broadrick is increasing day by day.
  8. wrathzombie
    My apologies, if I am overdoing it. I am just obsessed with this song right now. Absolutely Obsessed!

  9. Origin89
    I have some Jesu I need to check out in my library... As soon as I settle down from this Pink Floyd binge I've been on....
  10. markm1
    Ha! Me too. I just bought Meddle, Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Dark Side and Animals.
    I'm sure the new Jesu is good. Conqueror is a good release. Not sure if I want more of it. Really interesting and atmospheric, but it kind of all blends together for me...this sounds weird but it almost makes me feel stoned! Trance inducing. Get me some coffee, damn it before I start drooling [​IMG]
    I find something like Alcest a little more three dimensional. I'm going to have listen to Conqueror again though. It's beautiful heavy music no doubt.
    I liked "final" track that posted earlier today.
  11. Origin89
    Sweet! I haven't heard Piper yet, but I know that was their first album when Syd Barrett (before he lost his mind) was still in the band and David Gilmour wasn't. I gotta' have some David Gilmour, man. One of my favorite guitarist of all time. There's not many bands that have done more for me than Pink Floyd. So much incredible output. 
  12. markm1
    Sorry this is way off topic for everyone else. But, I think Piper is an acquired taste. I like it, but w/o Gilmour, it's basically a different band. Very much an older 60's sound and psychedelic. Think Jefferson Airplane meet the Zombies and toss in some weirdness. But, it's cool in its own way.
  13. audionut117
    Can anyone identify the genre of this song

    Originally thought it was death metal of some sort but then I thought about it.
    Warning: tentacles involved
  14. Kirnupiima
    Heavyblogisheavy is down for some reason. "Account suspended". Cartman NNNoooooo!
  15. modulor
    In the beginning they were like a screamo meets visual kai style, now apparently it's more gothic j-rock with metal elements?  I only ever heard a few songs off their first album.
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