Leonard Bernstein - Brahms, The Symphonies Box Set
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Sep 13, 2004

Originally Posted by DarkAngel

I was listening again to my Bernstein/NYPO/Sony set and what a great set this is! Do not be fooled into getting the later DG/VPO set, the early Sony/NYPO is by far better. Comes on three mid priced remastered CDs part of the wonderful Bernstein Century series (buy all of this series you can BTW) and easy to get used at Amazon even cheaper. Like Jochum/EMI Lennie has full measure of these works with tremendous power and excitement yet deep passion and ferver when required that really sweep you away, nothing held back.......Bernstein is in his element here and makes Karajan et al seem completely lost and hopelessly rigid by comparison.

Some people don't like the Sony SBM remasters but I just love them, very detailed and lively with great soundstage, very different from a thick lush opaque Telarc sound from 1980s/90s. If you don't have these put them on your short list.

It would appear that the set at ym is the DG set. Btw, if you want the full discussion, just scroll down the page to the Brahms symphonies discussion.

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