Lenny Kravitz
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May 25, 2009
I was just listening to his album Circus , Ive owned this album since its release
but havent listened to it (only God knows why) for about ten years. Recently a friends girlfriend purchased a best of LK album and I was far from impressed by the tracklisting. I told her I used to be a huge fan and that i would make up my own personal best of compilation. I ended up listening to this album in its entirety and feel this to be the best complete album he produced. Oddly not one of the tracks featured on Circus appear on His Best ofs...none of the singles done well and further more she ( the girlfriend ) knew nothing off the album.

Sorry just wanted to state what a great album Circus is and that greatness is not Achieved by record sales. Any other LK fans ?
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Every Lenny album has a couple of good rockers and a LOT of filler.
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I also dig Tunnel Vision, I saw him live do that song live with a horn line and thought it was pretty great. I think Are You Gonna Go My Way? and Mama Said are my favorites.....
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haven't listened to it for 10 years??
wow, it must be magic when you could find it
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I really like Lenny Kravitz as well. I have most of his older albums. Very good guitar. The sound quality is decent as well. Very emotional/powerful voice.

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