Lendmeurears[Buy with Caution?]
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May 7, 2013
Hi everyone. I've been a long-time lurker of the forum but was compelled to register to warn others about this vendor.
I know this is very long but please bear with me. I am desperately seeking some advice or help on what to do.
I purchased a pair of Vsonic gr02 BE from Lendmeurears in January 2013. 
Out of excitement I immediately wanted to upgrade my order to the gr04 FS edition.
I sent him the following email.
Eventually he shipped out my package a week later and I couldn't wait to try out my first decent pair of iems.
Instead of the GR04 FS Edition, I received this,
I emailed him and he had trouble remembering my order(which is more than understandable and I kindly reminded him by forwarding him our previous email exchanges)
Because I just didn't want to fill out a customs form I suggested if I could just buy the gr02's for an additional discounted price yet still receive my gr04's. I figured it would save both of us the time and effort to process the return and I figured I could use the gr02's for working out.
Eventually I safely received my gr04 FS Edition and all was superb. I was rocking out on them until I noticed one small yet annoying flaw. 
I'm unsure if this is how they're supposed to be but my rotating nozzles were much too loose and were constantly getting stuck in my ear. At one point I had to bust out tweezers to pull them out.
I sent Lendmeurears the following youtube video and politely requested if I could receive a replacement or a fix for my earphones(Lendmeurears has a 1 year warranty for all products and this was well within the year)
I sent out the package on 3/29/13, following the exact instructions he gave me.
that's it.
I never heard from him again :\.
I sent 3 emails politely asking him about the status of my Warranty RMA. He never got back to me.
During this time my gr02 bass edition went kaput(left earphone produced no sound whatsoever).
I figured maybe my emails were going into his spam folder.
I desperately emailed him on another email. Never got a reply back.
I posted on his facebook page. He ignored my post and replied to others. 
I messaged him personally on facebook and he never chose to reply to me.
I was never aggressive in any of my emails with him so I'm unsure as to why I'm being treated this way :\.
I couldn't open a paypal dispute case because my original order date was more than 90 days ago.
I really want a pair of vsonic gr04's but I'm honestly stuck on what to do. I don't know of any other authorized vsonic dealers.
I've ordered earphones from him in the past and he was so kind and friendly back then but I'd be wary of purchasing from him now.
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May 26, 2013
Yeah I've had so far a bit of a mixed experience so far with them too.
Ordered some Vsonic Gr02 Bass, opened the box and the driver was detached from the housing, just hanging off. A bit annoying considering I'd been waiting 2 weeks for them. Send an e-mail, got no reply so I launched a dispute in Paypal. Got a reply pretty quick after that asking for a picture of the broken earphone which I then sent to them. As I had a previous pair of Gr02s that broke I asked for a different model. In fairness to them they offered to pay the return delivery. They also offered to send the the new earphones when I sent them a receipt showing I'd sent the old ones back to them. So I send them an e-mail with the receipt and ask can they send the new earphones and they say they will send them tomorrow. I send them an e-mail just to confirm they have sent the new earphones and get no reply. Send another e-mail again, no reply. Eventually several days later they e-mail me back saying they forgot to send them but will send them today. So I'm just waiting for the new ones to arrive, hoping that there is nothing wrong with the latest pair.
I'm not sure if they are understaffed but they're communications and quality control could definetly do with some improvement.
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Jan 15, 2011
I have had a similar experience.. I ordered a pair of GR04 Pro headphones and they were defective.  I returned it through RMA, and 4 weeks later got a replacement that was NOT in a box.. packaging was a plain envelope and the logo plates on the earphones were scratched due to no shipping protection, however the phones worked fine.  The whole process was such a pita, that I did not pursue getting another unblemished replacement.
I guess one must realize that this vendor is NOT an authorized reseller of Vsonic, and most likely a 'one man operation'.. I selected this vendor as the pricing was better than others.  I now notice his pricing moving up to be the same as larger vendors (i.e. Amazon).

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