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Lemo connectors for CAST connections for Audio-gd gear

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, May 4, 2010.
  1. Currawong Contributor
    I'd saved this as just a draft blog entry, but for future reference: Les wanted to replace the cheap ACSS/CAST connectors on his Reference 1 and Phoenix with the real deal that Krell use for their CAST connections. This post of his has the part numbers and where to buy them.


    Originally Posted by les_garten /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I did quite a bit of research on this. The connectors on the REF are not "CAST" Connectors per se. They are a connector that Kingwa sources in China. He will send you cable ends to make cables with the REF 1 if you ask him. They are of poor quality though, but I'm sure they get the job done. If you look at Krell gear you'll see that the Ref 1 has the Genders flipped on the gear as well as being incompatible with manufactured CAST cables and the quality is greatly different.

    There is a reason Kingwa is not using Lemo CAST connectors lke Krell. Expense. To change out the bulkhead connectors on the REF1 and Phoenix, and make the cable that connects the two requires (4) Bulkhead/Chassis connectors and (4) Cable connectors. The cost is just shy of $200 for the connectors. Kingwa will put them on your REF1 and Phoenix if you send them to him. Additionally, it is not a huge issue to solder into the REF1 because the mount hole is the same, and it's soldering in 3 wires. Here is the source and part number info:

    (4) FFG 1B FGG.1B.304.CLAD52 Male $28.59

    (4) EGG 1B EGG.1B.304.CLL Female $21.05

    Best Price from Delta Components Shane 800-329-9907

    You can run these numbers at LemoUsa.com if you want to read about them.

    This info was very difficult to obtain, nobody had recorded it. Lemo couldn't even tell me.

    The Lemo connectors are absolutely first rate. All Krell CAST cables and gear use the same connectors.

    So it costs about $57 for each component and $84 for the cable ends. I'm using Cardas 4x24 for my cable, you can get it from Percy Audio reasonably if you decide to go that route.


  2. Pricklely Peete Contributor
    Since I've gone the extra mile with the Phoenix and now the RE1 Max mods replacing the stock ACSS connectors with the Lemo's should be on my radar. Thanks for posting this Curra, it's a handy ref for the correct part numbers. Thanks go out to Les for doing the heavy lifting on this subject. I'm not at all certain replacing these will give me any aural gains over the stock units, however...the idea is for longevity and quality of connection I would surmise...in that light it's a worthy mod no doubt.

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