Lee Weiland; the passing of my friend 1966 - 2011
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Oct 1, 2007
I have the heavy heart to say that Lee Weiland, the owner of CryoParts and Locus Design, passed away Friday August 19th. He was only 46. He left behind his ailing wife and his devoted children.
The audio community lost an irreplaceable innovator. A true pioneer. Someone that over his 25 plus years in this business grew friendships, business partners and new products that only he can say he made.
I meet Lee many years back. I was looking to make cables and I ran across an article that he wrote discussing the audible benefits of treating connectors and wire with cryogenics. I was fascinated with the process. After many email exchanges and countless hours of explanation, I purchased my first "batch" of solid core wire. Well the rest is history.
As of late, he has been troubled with the recent TWag v1 events. He took it personally and never fully recovered from it.
He was one of my best friends. We would email each other at least 10 times a day. I will miss his dearly and the thought of not being able to see how he was doing or checking in on his wife Robin, will forever be troublesome.
He made me who I am professionally and made me a better person. He would have wanted Whiplash Audio to move on and so I will. I will move on with the knowledge that he gave me throughout our professional relationship.
Now, the focus is on his family. My condolences and deepest appreciation to someone that can not be replaced.  
Craig Sanborn
Whiplash Audio
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Dan Millheim

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Sep 7, 2006
Lee was a great friend and one of the most generous people I have ever met. I have wonderful memories of him coming over to my house and listening to music and talking all things audio. He said I got him into Headphones but he took it to a whole new level. The audio community is loosing an innovating talent. I am broken over his unexpected death and continue to pray for Robin and the kids. 
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Jun 18, 2008
only just found this thread, i was so shocked and saddened when i heard from Josh that this happened. Lee was a friend and one of the true gentlemen of this industry and he will be forever in my memory as a kind soul that gave me a leg up. Lee gave me a break a few years ago, after buying wire from him and trying anything else i could get my hands on for a year or 2 i fronted him boldly as i do, with a proposition that wasnt really on the scale he was used to, but after consideration i came onboard as an oem with his blessing. like Craig, i wouldnt be where i am today without Lee giving me a leg up
Like Craig said, he had been quite disillusioned about the whole TWAg scenario, we talked at length about it; he took it really hard. any transaction with Lee was more than that, he really cared about his customers and people in general. he had a devious and infectious sense of humor that i just loved. I've already stated how i felt about his treatment/vilification elsewhere, so i wont restate it here. 
nobody makes wire for our niche as well as Lee did, i will miss him deeply on a personal and professional level. 
I have not had the pleasure of meeting his family, i only know of Robin via Lee, but his passing has surely left a hole in his family that will not be filled and i feel for them.
Peace out my friend, safe journey =(
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Dec 28, 2007
Even thogh i have never met the man, just by reading his posts shows what kind of person he was.
 Very sad and a great loss for his family and the whole Audio Community he was involved with,especially here on Headfi, as he was a great innovator.
I felt really sorry for both Lee and Craig regarding that tragic Twag cable thing.
Peace to you Lee.
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Jan 19, 2008
Very very sad.  I met Lee at CanJam some years ago, and I agree -- one of the finest guys around.  As a dealer, he would answer emails instantly, give discounts when he could, throw in extras, etc.  As a member of the community, he was always a friend you could count on.
Craig, please pass on my condolences to his family.
A sad day indeed.

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