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leather pads for HE60 and HD580/600/650!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by paaj, Sep 16, 2009.
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  1. olor1n
    Only read the OP and this last page, but is there anybody working on something like this? I'd love leather pads for the HD650.
  2. Aynjell Contributor
    We've been waiting in silence for quite some time. Jmoney is absent on this, and it's possible he has no interest but the least he could do is simply tell us that.
  3. Blasto_Brandino
    I'm STILL WAITING!! Money in hand ready to rock!
  4. plin
    If this project is still active, count me in too!
  5. Nachkebia
    I want leather for my HD650 too!
  6. deltaspirit
    Project seems like it's dead. I think at this point it would be best to find somebody else who can find a way to make it profitable for them (and cheap for us). I had a guy from styleforum do my belts and he does all kinds of custom work last time I talked to him like 2 years ago. Dunno if he would be able to use the sort of leather j money used on his headbands (thin, and more easy on the eyes) this guy worked with raw leather, horse hide, cow hide and all that.
  7. Severanth
    I am having a go at making my own.  If it works out will post here.  Not cheap buying spare pads only to take apart and re-finish though.
    Hard part with making this as a small batch say to sell to others is the plastic base for the pads.  Either a base has to be made that fits but will certainly effect the sound/weight of the headphones.  Or pads have to be cut away from existing and then made and attached.
    Going to be a interesting project [​IMG]
  8. fenixdown110
    I look forward to your findings on your project. I may try something similar as well. :)
  9. maczala1
    Did you made any pads, guys ?
  10. rhythmdevils
    stock velours sound better in every way.
  11. obobskivich
    I tried some leather/pleather pads off of another headphone that was similar enough in size to the HD 580s (45 minutes of forcing things to fit was an interesting experience) - the velour pads are what the HD 580 comes with for a reason; there was nothing at all "good" about the leather/pleather pads being on them. I have no idea how the ESP/950 (which is fairly similar in shape and also open) manages to sound so great with pleather pads (I did *NOT* rip ESP/950 pads off and put them on the HD 580, I don't even remember what the original headphone was; it was comfortable, inexpensive, and broken) but I gave up on the entire affair after that.
    But hey, we could put leathers and wood cups on the HD 650, and create something absolutely nightmarish I'm sure!
  12. rhythmdevils
    Because they were designed with, or tuned with velours, which have very different acoustic properties to leather/pleather.  And the ESP950 was designed/tuned with leather.  It's all pretty complicated in how the pads effect the sound, what sounds one way on one phone will not sound the same on another. 
  13. fatman711 Contributor
    Hi guys,
               I am so so sorry for the lack of communication. I have been quite unwell for the last year and had to direct all 
    my remaining energy on recovering. I'm sorry that I left this thread in the dust. I was simply feeling lost, and frustrated
    with the community after a few isolated incidents, and really just had to remove myself from the whole community 
    and direct my energy elsewhere. I hope that everyone has found a suitable solution. 
    To the OP and to all those who have sent me products as samples, please PM me, as I must repay you for them
    since the project fell through. 
  14. DrDonkeyKong
    did this ever happen?
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