Least Expensive Triple Driver Custom IEM
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Jan 5, 2013
I am interested in buying some custom IEM's, mainly for higher sound quality, and better fit/isolation. I want triple driver for best production of low/mid/hi. I was originally considering buying the SE535ltd, but would rather get a custom for the perfect fit to my ear. 
I also like how liveears can be worn the regular way (not behind the ear), are there any others that can be worn this way?
Can these custom iem be worn during weight lifting? (not running biking or any cardio, just lifting)
I have only had experience with 2 earbuds
Apple Iphone 5 Buds ($30)
Monster Immersion Sports ($100)
All of my tracks are 320kbps from Spotify, played through either a Iphone 4s or a 2012 Macbook air. I am not an audiophile by any means, I just want better sound and better fit.
I am not trying to get the cheapest one, I just want to get my moneys worth. I realize ultimate ears and JHaudio is very expensive.
Live Wires
Alien Ears
JH Audio
Ultimate Ears
What other brands are there?
Suggestions on the best bang for buck triple custom? My budget would prolly be 500 tops.

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