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LDAC earbuds W neckband without Sony's hyped bass?

  1. Pro-Jules
    Tryng to find some neck band ear bud headphones with noise cancelling but WITHOUT that Sony big bass tone.

    I could try to eq it out but that disengages the LDAC Grrrrrr!

    Any tips for me?

    WH 1000x M3 = too much bass - sending back after testing WI

    WI 1000x arriving tomorrow for testing

    ????? Is there some random rarely known pair that's super cool? (I know it's a tall order - NC / neckband / LDAC)

    Thanks guys.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  2. mathi8vadhanan
    You can use the Sony's LDAC mmcx cable with IEM of your choice/preferred signature.

    Model: MUC-M2BT1
  3. Pro-Jules

    Are there any reports that these work well?

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