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LCD2-Classic uk Stock

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nicknack40, Apr 8, 2018.
  1. nicknack40
    Hey all has anybody ordered LCD2-C recently in the uk im still waiting on mine 3 weeks down the line and been told the Distributor should of had them with me End of march or the start of April i have chased them up with the Retailer i ordered them from but there going to get in touch with them tommorow to see what is happening in annoys me cause they advertise them to order on site which i think they shouldn't do with them not having them in stock . Anybody else waiting on order or just recently got there's in UK
  2. Burt Macklin
    Bought mine on Mar 22 (HifiHut);
    it says now they're out of stock (mine were probably the last or close to last they had, as the status changed shortly after I've bought them)
    and should be available again mid-April.
  3. nicknack40
    Yep ordered mine 17th March just wish they would not advertise them to add to the basket. I spoke to wendy @ HiFi lounge she never said was out of stock but to be fair they have been excellent at keeping me up to date
  4. jellofund
    Believe Audeze's UK distributor is SCAN pro audio. Every time I've looked at SCAN's website over the last couple of months they've been showing the 2C as being in stock ready for next day delivery.

    Could however be that they keep their stock separate. One lot ring fenced for their own website sales and the other for distribution to dealers. The dealer stock having run out awaiting a new shipment from Audeze?

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
    nicknack40 likes this.
  5. Burt Macklin
    Not sure if you got me wrong - I've bought mine at HiFiHut (Ireland), not Lounge.
    Checked before purchase if they're actually available,
    and since they were, the package was shipped pretty much the same day.
  6. nicknack40
    Nope never got you wrong

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