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[ LCD-2 VS ...? ]

  1. CT007
    Where does the LCD-2(Fazor) sit/compare to it's siblings, and to the rest of the crowd? It must beat HE560, or no..?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  2. Rhamnetin
    Basically the polar opposite of the HE-560. The HE-560 is a slightly upward tilted headphone, the treble is the most prevalent sound region. The LCD-2, like its siblings, is one of the "thickest" sounding headphones due to very weighty bass presence. It is more upfront than the HiFiMan's, more intimate, with slower subdued treble.

    I can't describe the differences between the LCD-2C and 2F, but the LCD-3 is just a better LCD-2, and the LCD-4 is a better version of both of those. They have the same sound signature, the higher end models each improve upon every aspect, with the LCD-4 having the most noticeable improvement by sounding more open with more "airy" treble (with the same severe flaws that ruin the entire lineup to me).

    It has been a while since I listened to the LCD-X but it's brighter than the more subdued LCD-2 and LCD-3. It sounded brighter to me than the LCD-4 too.

    HiFiMan headphones sound nothing like any of those. I'll say, the HE-560 should be ignored now. The Sundara is newer, costs less, is built better, and sounds significantly better. It features more advanced technology, particularly the diaphragm which is much, much thinner, making for more transparent and articulate sound. The Sundara outclasses the HE-560 in every way technically, though also has a very different sound signature; overall less forward due to a dip in the lower treble (or upper mids?) that pushes the sound presentation back a bit. With the Sundara, it is like you are in the audience, not on the stage like most other headphones. The Sundara is also easier to drive. The newly released Ananda has similar tuning it seems.

    The Sundara sounds much more accurate than even the LCD-3 (and by extension any LCD-2), and I'll say much more accurate than even the LCD-4 due to the recession of the LCD lineup that really makes vocals and many instruments sound unauthentic and incomplete.

    The ZMF Ori and Blackwood have a sound signature much like Audeze, but without the awful recession that kills all naturalness of the sound signature.

    Another key difference is, Audeze is a USA based company with OUTSTANDING customer support (same for ZMF), while HiFiMan is a Chinese based company with lots of defects and failures, and some really questionable business practices.
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  3. CT007
    You're a beast. :hammer:

    I thought Sundara had like, the worst build quality of all time..?? I've heard non-Fazor LCD-3 and enjoyed it, but I can't see myself spending that money on something so heavy/bulky. Good word on the Sundara and Ananda, I guess! Is the bass good?

    Sundara - tight!!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  4. Rhamnetin
    Sundara build quality actually isn't that bad, the body/frame of the headphone is fine, pads are comfy even if not the best materials (and from my experience HiFiMan pads sound best on HiFiMan headphones which is what matters most), the biggest problem with build quality is the cable connectors so just don't unplug the cable too much and it'll be fine. That, and I believe the cable is cheaply made too, so an aftermarket cable might help a lot (I go with Norne Audio personally).

    The HE-560's build quality is actually worse than the Sundara; plastic yokes and a weaker top headband, while the Sundara uses metal yokes and a comparatively reinforced top headband.

    On the other hand, HiFiMan's QC is poor. Seems like lots of defects and driver failures lately, compared to other brands at least.

    The bass of the Sundara has really good texture, and while it isn't as weighty or present as Audeze, it still sounds full in its own right. But it does lack energy below 20-25 Hz or so.
  5. CT007
    Haha, well ****! This phone, I need to try. :)
  6. CT007
    Good, affordable amp for it? Asgard? Valhalla? Other?
  7. Rhamnetin
    Definitely not the Valhalla or any OTL tube amp due to its low impedance. On that kind of budget I would go with Audio-GD, their quality surpasses the price point.
  8. khayo
    I've owned He560, LCD2F and HD600 at the same time. I went with the he560 because of clarity and soundstage. I also had to eq up the bass but I liked the feel of them way more than the heavy LCD2F and they made the hd600 sound boring.

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