layman's comparison of k601 and k70(1/2)
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Dec 29, 2006
i jst bought a used k601. so now i can do a head to head comparison between this new baby and my 1 month old k601. F it im really tired so no english 101 type of intro lets get to it.

here is one caveat. the previous owner told me that the k601 has a significant headtime hours. around 200 . while my k702 has only 10 hrs, if that. so ill just be pointing out noticeable differences.
for right now ill just be talking about the fit and the overall looks.
my preowned k601 beat my almost new k701 in both categories. the black on the k601 is BLACK, unlike thoose midnight black that can be found on the k702. comfort i believe that the strings the hold the headband had been streched enough on the k601 that it provides a nice and alomst perfect fit. none of that "someone is crushing my skul with their thumbl" like sensation. will add the things bout the sonic later and some pics as well. i havent finished my sa5000 mini review yet. btw i only have one amp, a meier cantate so thats what i would be using.
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K601 was more comfortable than K701
K601 had more bass than K701, which was good thing.
K601 had more warmth than K701, K701 sounded too analytical and plastic.
K601 had much smoother sound than K701.

Of course all IMO and I used EF1 hybrid (not so high-end I guess) amp.
EDIT: does not mean that I hated K701. I certainly didn't love them but didn't hate them either.

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