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Latest news in the world of fake Koss Porta Pros?

  1. suicidal_orange
    Today I've unwrapped a pair of Koss Porta Pro Black Beauty which came from ebay which were sold as damaged packaging for the not stupidly cheap price of £22 (about $35)  I'm aware that ebay has a bad rep for Porta Pros so at the first opportunity I unpacked and examined them, then put them on and came online to check how to detect fakes.
    I last heard a pair years ago but they were modded and I had a different DAP so my memory isn't reliable for the sound and I don't want to mod these until I'm sure they're genuine or I'll not get my money back.  My last pair had a right angle jack and black non-sleeved cable, the new ones have a black and white sleeved cable and a 60 degree plug (not right angle but nowhere near straight...)
    So far I've gathered that these are good things:
    No noticeable smell
    All pads are black
    Has the bin sticker near the jack
    Sounds pretty good (no burn in, no modsthey can't be great...)
    Comfort zone works
    All fonts and pics look crisp and perfectly aligned
    Has little Koss on earpieces just below the headband
    And these that may be bad:
    Sides are numbered 3 and 4 (but the background is smooth, so this is ok?)
    No 1/4 adaptor
    Case kinda looks like the fake one where the string exits, and the logo background isn't smooth it has feint vertical stripes
    They came in packaging that's nothing like any pic I've seen in the fake guides (the only pic I can find is on head-fi - mine looks like this but it's black) but as all the guides are years old so it may have changed.  The drivers measure 56 ohms on my meter, so pretty close to expected and it's a cheap meter.
    Is there anywhere with an up to date list of things to check?  Has anyone even seen/heard of a fake pair with a black headband?
    Thanks for any help and I hope your presents are less worrisome than mine! [​IMG]
  2. staxfreak
    look here http://www.koss.sound-magic.de/Service/Porta_Fake_1/porta_fake_1.html
    left side=fake   right side=original (sorry only a German website)
  3. suicidal_orange
    Thanks, from the look of those mine are genuine - the corner bit is slightly rounded and doesn't fit perfectly as in the first genuine pic, and the bottom surround is one smooth and quite wide band not angular as in the second fake one. 
    Seems I can get on and mod them [​IMG]

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