Latest adopted kitty...Meet Nicky
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Apr 5, 2004
March was a crazy month for us, cat wise. We adopted two cats, and had to have one (Sydney) put down due to a lung tumor. My wife found this guy on the Petfinder web site, and Saturday we went to meet him and his owner. We both felt that while we miss Sydney, she was only with us for five months, and we needed to get another one. Nicky is six months old, and is a real sweetheart, very affectionate and outgoing, both with people and other cats. (He was originally raised in a house with 26 other cats, and was with six other cats when we got him, so he's quite used to having plenty of kitty buddies. Ours are still coming to grips with the new kid, but so far it's going pretty well.)




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What a cutie

We have 2 cats and a terrier at home. I will always prefer cats - docile, quiet, not near as messy, and can just as playful when they're not lethargic.
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Nice kitty. She looks like there may be a little Maine Coon in her.

Nicky is actually a boy. Not sure why they named him Nicky. We may wind up changing his name. He definitely has some Maine Coon in him, so he matches up nicely with Cosmo, our other Maine Coon. I don't think he's going to be as big as Cosmo, though.
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Nicky is a beautiful cat. And compliments on the DOF and composition for the second picture!
As lovers of cats and music, I hope you realize you and I and everyone else with these two passions are on the happier side of humankind. As Albert Schweitzer said, "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."
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Makes me want another little one! We almost brought one home with us from our recent camping trip. She adopted us at the campsite & we had a hard time leaving her there! Congrats & enjoy.
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No doubts that cats are really cute, look at the expression of those eyes...OMG!!! I love cats....well, and dogs....and some persons around as well...

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