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Jun 10, 2006
For a long time I've been listening to rock (especially 1970s). I've also had a last fm account. One time I entered my friends profile and saw an artist "Jose Gonzalez". That was an interesting name so I decided to listen to his radio.
Oh my god I was hooked with him and more folk artists (Kings of Convenience! Alexi Murdoch!). For the next couple of days I listened to the radio on indie-folk-artist's radio. Sadly, it came to an end and I was sad to see that from now on it costs 3$/mo.
At first I thought it was outrageous, and I could be just fine without it. Today I finally caved in.
What can I tell you, it was 3$ well-spent. I came to know many new artists and became more open minded and came to realize that I prefer quiet folk rather than loud-filled-with-electriic-guitars-and-drums-rock.

Anyone use it?
btw, my last fm: guyx1992’s Music Profile – Users at

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