Last chance (and last straw!): NEVER buy from Ebay seller Just Hardware
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 28, 2005
London, UK
As a general public service, I will warn any of you who might ever consider purchasing computer hardware from Ebay seller Just Hardware to save your money from being stolen by these crooks.

A couple of months ago, I purchased a 250 gb external hard drive from Just Hardware for a reasonable price, which worked just fine for about a week. Things were going well with it, so I was disappointed when the drive started making odd noises at about a week and a half. Eventually (at about week 2), the drive simply stopped working.

It was at this point that sent an email to Just Hardware. Let's say that their response time was less than stellar. On top of that, after back-and-forth communication, it took another couple of weeks to finally get the answer I was looking for. All I was wanting to know was if I could still return the drive for a refund/exchange even though I had tossed the box, given that their return policy stipulates that ALL material be returned with the item. It took about two or three more emails on my part to finally get a straightforward answer to this question. They told me to send the drive back with a full, written explanation of what had happened. Fair enough. I did.

Well, I know that it was stupid of me to not get delivery confirmation on the drive, but I have NEVER, EVER had an item lost in USPS delivery. Well, as you can probably guess, Just Hardware told me that they "never received the item". I'm not one to jump to conclusions about calling people liars (it's a strong name, in my book), but I wouldn't hesitate to use it in this case.

In the end, since I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, and be patient with them, this entire ordeal ended taking more than 60 days, so I wasn't able to dispute the item on Ebay, nor was I even able to leave negative feedback on Ebay. Now I'm out my money, out the hard drive (I could have at least kept the case), and out double shipping costs.

So, the best I can hope for is to make sure other people don't get robbed by these liars. Please, DO NOT purchase from Just Hardware, for the following reasons:

1. Grossly inept communication, from a standpoint of both time and of information.
2. Questionable return policy.
3. Questionable business ethics.

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