LaRocco PRII MKII. Waiting or FRAUD?
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Mar 13, 2007
I think a lot of people here knows how LaRocco Audio (Larry Milligan) makes bussiness: You pay, and maybe, if you're a lucky man, you'll receive the amp.

ONE YEAR ago I paid for a ISA Diablo portable amp. In July I couldn't wait the amp for more and ask Larry if I could change my Diablo order for a PRII MKII order. He told me: "yes, no problem, you'll have a PRII".
When the Diablo was finished, I had not received my PRII, and I thought that Larry would send me a Diablo. No Diablo, no PRII, no answer. NOTHING!!

I've sent Larry a lot of mails asking for an estimated date of receipt. I have not received an answer.
I've asking for a refund, and as you could imagine, no refund has been received.

I'm very disapointed with LaRocco Audio.

I'm convinced that I'll never receive the amp.

What can I do being a simply spanish student? Nothing

The only thing I can do is tell you that don't buy LaRocco amps

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Larry is one shifty character. If you were Stateside you would have more options . I don't know the options internationally. But your warning is a good piece of advice. Just keep trying. I believe if you visit Paypal, and check his vendor status. You'll find a phone number. At least you can leave a voice messsage to go along with your emails.
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try contacting the better business bureau and see if they can assist.
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I would think that is time for Larry to put his name on the company rather than using Phil's, Milligan's Audio do not sound bad at all, but his reputation goes worst everyday, and the poor Phil that only designed the amps, is taking all the heat!!!

Do you have any phone number or address, I think that the local authorities could help you and see if he could send the amp or the money, report that to the online authorities as well...

I don't know but between him, Xin, and couple of others, that thanks God now are behaving a little better, we have here in headfi a few pages of bloody deals...
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i wonder why those people are in business in the first place... they do everything right until production... it's cool if one designed the perfect amp, but why advertise it and sell, then don't deliver?? the world is so diverse....
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If you run a whois on any website, you can usually find out some info.

registrant-firstname: Larry
registrant-lastname: Milligan
registrant-organization: LaRocco Audio
registrant-street1: 97089 E. Five Rivers rd.
registrant-pcode: 97390
registrant-state: OR
registrant-city: tidewater
registrant-ccode: US
registrant-phone: +1.4257381161
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Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
you mean he lives in the middle of nowhere?

97089 E. Five Rivers rd, tidewater - Google Maps

Maybe...not sure lol.

That is the info that is registered under his website.

I was hoping it would be some help, but judging by that map, it does not look real promising.
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Go here:
ipod & portable audio studio - powered by vBulletin
Register on the board and then contact the sysop of the board (full monty). He consistently gets a hold of Larry more then anyone else around. He is a nice guy to boot. So explain your situation to him (real name is Duncan), and ask him if he would be kind enough to help with your situation with Larry.

Good luck!
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I'm curious how many people have been promised amps, paid for them and not received them. I'm not embarrassed to say he owes me $1024 for a Diablo and a PRII mk2.

He promised they were shipping December 10 and he promised a refund on January 18. I have the emails from him to prove this. I've received nothing. He only says, "Your refund is in process." It takes him longer to email me than it would take to refund my PayPal account.

I also ran a search on him and have an address and phone number if anyone is interested. Think Eugene, Oregon. It's pretty easy to find him if you want.
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The adress is

Larry W Milligan
Larocco Audio
STE 32
90000 Prairie Rd
Eugene OR 97402-9665
Phone: 541-689-5083

Won't post a real address normally, but I think this is a special case.

I had frequent eMail conversation with Larry via this adress since the end of the year til january 21. That was the date I sent back my Diablo because of a faulty battary. He assured to send out another working amp immediatly, but still no amp here, nor did he reply to my 3 or 4 emails after January

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