Larger headband for Alessandro MS-1
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The headphones I'm upgrading from are Koss KSC50 clip-ons. Comfort-wise I can hardly tell that I'm wearing them, except when I take them off I notice the clip leaves an imprint on my ear, which is disconcerting. I've read that the KSC75 doesn't have this imprinting effect, however I'm looking for something that has significantly more detail than the KSC50.

Detailed, airy and transparent are some words that describe what I'm looking for. The quality of the treble is more important to me than the bass. I'll be plugging the headphones directly into my computer, or into a HippoHiFi Bloat (which I haven't bought yet).

Here's the tough part: I kind of have a big head so I'm limited to large headphones, earbuds or clip-ons.

The way sellers and users describe the sound of the Etymotic ER-4S is very appealing (highs and instrument separation that are second to none). I'd buy the ER-4S if I lived alone, but alas I need to hear family members calling me (I'm guessing that any IEM would block them out). They're also a little too expensive.

I usually listen while sitting in front of the computer, so portability isn't an issue. My room is quiet, so I don't need noise cancellation. I don't share a room so sound leakage is OK. Lastly, I'd like to spend between 50 and 175 dollars.

My research seems to be pointing me to the Yuin PK1. What are your thoughts?
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I would recommend the pk2's. No amp is needed, and they provide plenty of detail. They are also very comfortable. You could also look into waiting for the ok3 or the ok2 to come out as well. Goodluck
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The pk2's have an impedance of 16 ohms and a sensitivity of 108dB/mW, correct? That's the same as the sony e888's a friend loaned me several years ago. I remember having to turn the volume way down because those headphones were so efficient. I wish there were more 60 ohm impedance headphones out there.

It seems like people on head-fi have almost nothing but good things to say about the pk2's though, so I'm looking through stores that sell them. I can't seem to find any place that sells them for the $69 stated in the headphone buyer's guide. Also, why doesn't Yuin have a website?
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Does anyone know if it's possible to change the thread title? I'd like to change it to something simpler, like "Headphones for a big head."
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There could be more than one Yuin, one in tw and another in cn (I think the manufacturer of the pk series is a cn based company). Maybe Yuin has printed an URL on the box, booklet or instructions? Could any Yuin owners out there check this out for me?
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One question about the ATH AD700. Does the space between the two parts of the "headband" increase you put the headphones on? Or does it stay the same or even decrease?
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Originally Posted by vhobhstr /img/forum/go_quote.gif
One question about the ATH AD700. Does the space between the two parts of the "headband" increase you put the headphones on? Or does it stay the same or even decrease?

it stays the same
the looping wire applies the pressure against your ears, which is very light, and the padded wings up top, rest against the top and side of your head..this keeps the earpieces in place all works very well to apply the least amount of pressure...

the fact that they are so comfortable means that i often reach for them first, especially when planning to listen for more than a few minutes....
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I have a very large noggin as well. All of the Audio Technicas I have tried or have, A700, AD700, A900, W5000 fit comfortably without any problems at all. As a bonus most of them sound pretty damned good as well!

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DT880 is a somewhat out of my price range. I'd also like to mention that value is also a factor for me. Part of the reason why I liked my KSC50 so much is that they sounded like $40 headphones when they actually cost $20.

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