Lahave Mela Speakers (Monitors, 30 pounds each) [Not my main pair, another pair]
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May 15, 2006
I posted about these speaker that I own and love and the fellow I bought them from has a new pair.
Contact  [size=medium][/size] in Chicago. [size=medium]773-373-3349  or  [/size][size=medium]773-892-6470[/size]
[size=medium]I have dealt with Jonathan (buying, selling) and I can vouch for his integrity, the highest.[/size]
[size=medium]Any negotiation will be solely between him and the buyer.[/size]
[size=small]I will not personally be involved in this sale after this point; I'm out of the loop beyond posting this ad.[/size]
[size=small]I'm just doing it, believe it or not, to help a fellow headfier experience these wonderful little monitors that are hard to get from my experience.[/size]
[size=small]Video of them from another owner: [/size]
Here are some things I said about them in other headfi posts. (Sorry about the repeated statements, I just did this quickly.)
I wanted to add a power amp & some smallish monitor speakers to my headphone rig (using my headphone amp as a preamp) and I got these
Lahave Mela monitors & they are awesome, much better than Harbeths and Dynaudio C1s.
In fact, I spent a long listening session at a demo of $37,000 TAD monitors (no I can't afford those) and  I  *think* I actually like the Lahaves better, as they are more natural,
with awesome vocals. They replaced Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors I first tried (which are nice also, but not as magical & natural to me).
Someone on audigon (not me) said they like these speakers better than Magico Minis ($20,000+). I never heard Magicos.
They sell for $6000 new but used ones sometimes show up.
They are from Canada.
I have no connection other than a satisfied customer who wanted to let headfi folks know about these.
The sound reminds me of my Audeze LCD Rev2s (my favorite phones now)-- clear & natural but not rolled off with great palpability and no fatigue and not dry, but live & real
with a you-are-there sound.
(I remind you that I am referring to theLCD2  Rev2s, not the Rev1s, which were too liquid and not well defined enough. I love the Rev2s, not the Rev1s).
The Melas are 17 inches high & have a roughly 8x11 footprint and are 32 lbs each.
If anyone wants a pair of those Lahave Mela speakers (new in box, new in wooden crate, actually) I have, email [size=medium] [/size][size=medium][/size] (in Chicago).
They are hard to get. I have no financial benefit or any other benefit from selling these, I just love them after cycling thru or hearing lots of others and want to help a fellow headfier
who I think would be lucky to get them. 
I just want to add this observation (May24,2012): I now compare them to my Fostex Th900s phones, where they have this wonderful balanced sound, where the highs are go up nicely but somehow never get abusive, and nothing stands out at abusive or annoying, but there is just so much real-life texture. -RGS-
Here's a link to one of the above posts w/ photo:
Another owner's opinion from another  well known audio site :
[size=medium]Ayon tube system Mela speaker monitors[/size][size=medium][/size]
[size=medium]I have been on the search for great looking monitor speakers that completes my system for years. Happen to stumble upon the end of my search at my dealer during a introduction demo. Introducing the new gem in monitor speakers > La Have Audio > MELA. [/size][size=medium][/size]
[size=medium]La Have Audios Mela speakers glimmer in their natural finish. The sound is just what every audiophile desires. It plays every genera of music with ease and images like a champ. [/size][size=medium][/size]
[size=medium]The photos do not do the LaHave Audio Mela speakers justice. They are gorgeous and sound amazing! 6 hours straight today! None fatigue.[/size]
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