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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. xmdkq
    Please rest assured that in the summer of 40 degrees in Chengdu, we can do destructive testing for 8 hours without problems.
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  2. SoLame
    Glad to see you here. I have an issue that maybe you (or any experienced users) can help me out.

    I bought my 339 through Massdrop and received the amp a few weeks ago. I have already put over 50 hours or so on it. It sounds wonderful.

    Last weekend while I was listening (the amp was already on for about 4 hours at that point), I heard a loud POP noise from the amp itself (no, it is not through my headphones). It sounded like what you hear when you squeeze an empty soda can. The amp continued to work okay, but I stopped using it anyway.

    Then about 30 minutes or so after I turned it off, I heard the same POP noise. Because I was not using headphones (but I was sitting very close to the amp), I was sure that the noise is from one of the domes on the top of the unit.

    What caused that loud noise? Anything I need to worry?

    I hope someone can comment. Thank you in advance. :beerchug:
  3. Josh76
    I would contact either Massdrop or Yuking (I don't remember which provides support if you purchase from Massdrop). Even if the amp continues to work, that doesn't sound right to me.
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  4. maheeinfy
    may be try running it from a power strip? in case if your power supply is the culprit
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  5. SoLame


    Thank you, both of you. I've sent a message to Massdrop. I'm waiting for their answer.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Josh76
    No, I've been really lucky so far (even with brands of questionable quality control). :fingers_crossed:

    Not implying 'questionable quality control' includes the La Figaro. :)
  7. xmdkq
    Can check whether the tube is ignited, whether the power indicator is on, and I have often encountered the problem of the tube.
  8. tintinsnowydog
    Thanks for the reassurance yuking! I've been looking at tubes, can your amp take 5A power tubes such as 6336B?
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  9. MJS242
    Let me follow up
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  10. xmdkq
    Can be used, 6336 I have used.
  11. tintinsnowydog
    Thanks, does it need a special power supply?
  12. attmci
    u r crazy.
  13. xmdkq
    No special power supply is required. Please pay attention to the power supply temperature of 339 during use.
  14. wwmhf
    I guess the answer to my question below might be negative, but ... here is the question:

    Can we use 6SK7 instead of 6SJ7 in the 339 amp?

    If yes, anything to be concerned?
  15. sup27606
    I recently acquired a LF 339 with a series of high end tubes including the TS 5998, RCA red, Philips 6SJ7WGT, Sylvania 7236 etc. I like the 5998 with the RCA reds for vocals and the pronounced bass, but the stellar combination so far are the 5998s with the Philips 6SJ7WGT. Compared to the RCA reds, the high end is more extended, noticeably bigger soundstage and clearer imaging. It sounds magical/holographic to me with the Sennheiser HD6XX, compared to the Schiit Jotunheim which sounds more 2D. I would like to try out a few other driver tubes to find if there is anything even better than what I have. I believe power tube wise, 5998s are the best one can get. I am curious about the EF86 and EF80. How are the sounds compared to the 6SJ7WGT? I appreciate bass with some tightness and texture (not a basshead) and treble extension with transparency, since I listen to quite a few classical albums. I am also a fan of jazz and vocals.
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