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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. wwmhf
    60 pounds is really expensive, and 5998 nowadays is really really expensive.
  2. Josh76
    I agree, I paid a little under 70 pounds for mine and that's expensive enough that I need to really like them.

    I think the 5998's are worth the extra expense and I was able to get a pair for 250 pounds. Of course not everyone will think they sound good enough to cost that much more, we all have our various tastes.
  3. danniveng
    Yes, I think that's my next try, the 5998. Though I think $250 is a lot for some old tubes. My grand father would def be very surprised about this price level if he was alive :).
  4. danniveng
    When you listen to the 5998 + Sylvania with your HD800, how would you describe the sound compared with the stock tubes (if you have the same version as mine)?
  5. Josh76
    I don't own HD-800's (or any variation) yet, they're probably my next headphones. I have briefly tried them on the La Figaro with the stock tubes only. I haven't used the stock tubes lately but for the headphones I use regularly on this amp (Elex, LCD-2C, and HD-6XX), I would say the 5998 + Sylvania is more detailed, airy, musical, and cleaner. More space between instruments while keeping the full sound that I like. The stock tubes are surprisingly good, it took me a while to find a set I was happy with to replace them (most combos were too thin sounding).
  6. Josh76
    Heh, keep in mind I said "pounds" since the other person was using pounds as a reference. I paid $324 for the 5998's and they often go for $400 a pair.
  7. danniveng
  8. Josh76
    Yeah, that's the correct one and they're better than mine because they're military. From what I've read, the only difference is they last longer if they are JAN, the sound should be the same. I should probably pick up another pair or two.
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  9. MJS242
    Updated list:

    Mizicke5273 (EF86, EF80 - two pairs each, USA)
    maximus69 (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    Josh76 (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    elNan (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, USA)
    danniveng (EF86, EF80 - one pair each, Denmark)

    Know anyone else that may be interested? Please let them know as I'm not likely to broker this again anytime soon.
  10. MJS242
    Here's what the adapters look like in case anyone is wondering (EF80 left, EF86 right)

  11. danniveng
    They are indeed beautiful!
  12. danniveng
    I ordered a pair, and I have sent back the Mullard 6080 which did not match my setup, and as you mentioned, I don't believe other driver tubes would make it all sing perfectly. One has to try things out. I like this hobby :)
  13. maximus69
  14. elNan
    Very nice! May I ask what's their price?
  15. wwmhf
    They look beautiful!
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