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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. bobbyblack
    I am so excited about this amp,wanted him more than three years ago,the headphones targeted for testing will be HD800S,HD650(will need to borrow some)and my friend T1's.The winner will be my next only headphone.
    I know the HE500 it is another nice matching but just what i sold them because of the weight.
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  2. Mizicke5273
    I've already got a nice tube inventory to try:

    Power Tubes
    Svetlana 6N13S (6AS7G \ ECC230)
    RCA 6AS7G
    GE 6AS7G
    RCA 6080
    Raytheon 6080
    GEC 6080

    Input/Driver Tubes
    Siemens Röhre EF80
    Mullard EF86
    Telefunken EF800
    Svetlana EF86 Winged C
    RCA 5693 Reds

    Once I get a baseline with the stock tubes, I have no idea what I want to try first.
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  3. Liu Junyuan
    Looks like your set for awhile!
  4. Mizicke5273
    Yeah, I've been preparing these two months while I was waiting. Been compiling a list of all the tubes and others' thoughts from this thread; got a Word doc that has more than 10 pages of notes. I tried to get some of the easier to acquire and less expensive tubes. So with the cool down and warm up time, how does everyone compare tubes? Change them before sitting down for a session and take notes?
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  5. maheeinfy
    Reading through pages, it seems like there are few versions of the 339

    'Updated' version
    Yuking website shows two models- 'brighter' and 'warmer'
    Massdrop has a version with OTK2 and 6N5PJ tubes

    Can some one clarify how many 339 versions are out there and differences among them.
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  6. Mizicke5273
    There are two main versions; the original which was sold up to around 2013 or so and the "updated" version, which has been sold since then. The "updated" version has some internal changes over the original, which my be listed earlier in the thread. As for the current version, there are two models; the only difference I know of is the Input/Driver Tubes. That is the basics.
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  7. wwmhf
    I am doing the same thing as Mizicke, unpacking and listening. I actually got my Massdropped 339 yesterday, but I really did not have the time to try it out.

    I am glad that such a heavy amp survived such a long distance trip, no apparent damage. The box was sealed by Massdrop tapes and the tubes had no special protection for themselves. The two big tubes were wrapped
    minimally by the usual bubble wrapper, but the small tubes were just put in the package without any protection. I hope I did not get a returned amp.

    So far, for about 30 min since I turn it on, it sounds OK. Smooth, a little dark on my HD650, not as sweet as my 336 SE that has been mated with set of optimal tubes in my hand.
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  8. Mizicke5273
    wwmhf, mine arrived in the same condition. Power tubes wrapped but the Driver tubes loose in the box; looks like they came out of their own box in shipping.

    One thing I was in no way prepared for, was how HOT this thing gets! It really heats up! I know tubes put out heat, but just wow. Not what I was expecting.
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  9. maheeinfy
    Thanks. So the bright vs warm versions on Yuking website are just different tubes, but the amp itself is the same
    Also, massdrop claims the amp sounds great with stock tubes which means OTK2 and 6N5PJ are better than what Yuking includes
  10. wwmhf
    Thanks for sharing the info about the packaging.

    Yes, this amp is HOT!!!. In addition to the power tubes, a lot of heat is also emitted from the square window between the two power tubes. I am thinking about using it as a winter amp...
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  11. Mizicke5273
    They should be the same stock tubes as you get direct from Yuking. As Liu Junyuan stated, get some replacement Input/Driver tubes. At first the change to some Mullard EF86s, didn't seem that big. Then I played "Children of the Grave" and noticed a huge improvement in the cymbals. I could actually hear the cymbals and they wers so clear.
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  12. MJS242
    I occasionally chat with the owner/circuit designer at La Figaro and can provide some information regarding recent comments...

    Any oddities you find in packaging are likely due to customs opening/inspecting the package and/or mishandling during shipment. La Figaro packs them a certain way and then they are sent to a 3rd party logistics company that is responsible for importing internationally. I'm pretty certain the massdrop orders are brokered by shenzhen audio so those might get handled differently.

    I don't know that the website referring to variants of the amp as "bright" vs "warm" is accurate. I don't know anyone that has heard the so called "bright" version (6J4P, 6SJ7, 5693, 6Ж4С) and referred to it as bright. If you ask the circuit designer, he thinks the 6C5, 6J5, 6J5G, 6J5GT, L63 version is better and that's his preference. From what I gather, that version is more expensive to build (electrically and probably supplying tubes) so maybe it's easier to ship the 6J4P version internationally. The 6C5, 6J5, 6J5G, 6J5GT, L63 version is basically the 6SN7 version of the amp (a well regarded tube that people are familiar with in tube audio). A 6C5/6J5 is one half of a 6SN7. Since this is a dual mono design, it uses two 6C5/6J5 (so while that tube may seem obscure, it's really not).

    This amp has been in production for a long time (even dating back to the DV337 which was designed by the same person who did the 339). The designer very much has a continuous improvement approach and not a one-off, flavor of the month approach. The differences between the versions are minor so I wouldn't fret too much about it. However, the most recent iteration is not shown on their website, but I'll attach a picture below. The difference being the vishay film capacitors (two green capacitors). You should be able to tell if your model has them without removing the bottom panel.

    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  13. maximus69
    So is it safe to assume the units being ordered on massdrop will have the vishay film capacitors? I am also confused about the tubes being offered on massdrop, as they dont seem to correlate to the tubes listed on website. I am new to tube amps, but i think i am ok buying the 339 on massdrop? I was unable to contact anyone by email at yuking :/
  14. Liu Junyuan
    @MJS242 is the most helpful poster on this thread. Matt should be a Headphoneus Supremus x 100 as far I'm concerned. This is yet another post full of signal, which is why his post count is so low for how long he's been here. He only posts good content.

    I wish I could directly compare my amp with the 6C5, 6J5, 6J5G, 6J5GT, L63 version. The 6SN7 comparison has me very interested. I had no idea it was the more expensive topology for Yuking.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  15. Liu Junyuan
    Yep. It gets hotter than any amp I've owned, including the ZDS, which is a veritable heater itself.

    The power tube you use affects this. Bendix 6080, Tungsol 7336 and 5998 cause the amp to dissipate more heat than other power tubes.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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