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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. MJS242
    Never ordered from them but I think aliexpres/alibaba is pretty much the Amazon of China. Check their buyer guarantee/return policy.
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  2. Monsterzero
    If you guys looking to buy a 339 arent in a hurry mine will most likely be up for sale soon....probably by May.
  3. bobbyblack
    Ok,thanks,actually is quite good deal at 550 Euro,free shipping.
  4. MJS242
    Looks like that particular store also has a domestic return option which is nice. Having to do an international return with this amp was always a potential risk considering the high cost.
  5. bobbyblack
    Anyway i have only 2 options:USA(Massdrop) or China both are risky because i live in Europe.
  6. maximus69
    I am interested in your 339...am relatively new to the site and have a hard time searching stuff, especially buying. Can we exchange emails?
  7. maximus69
    Ali express (alibaba) is similar to ebay, it is seller dependent, i have bought alot of stuff from alibaba and no issues.. just reach out to sellers, just like ebay and if they communicate well and have food feedback, then ur likely in good shape. They accept papal and often have seller guarantees
  8. MJS242
    Can someone that owns a 339 do me a huge favor and measure the L x W x H of the center cover on the amp where the output capacitors are stored?
  9. Liu Junyuan
    I can do it later tonight. I am not exactly sure what piece you mean. Do you mean the top plate, or the grill on center of the top plate?
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  10. attmci
    What's your plan, buddy?
  11. MJS242
    On the top of the amp, you have the 3 square black covers. The two on the left contain transformers and the one in the middle contain the output capacitors. I'm looking for measurements of that center square black cover.

    Having a custom amp built, but sourcing film capacitors with enough uf that will fit under that center cover and be reasonably priced is a bit challenging.
  12. Liu Junyuan
    I am not sure if you need cm or inches. I have a tape measure in feet here at the moment. I can dig out a metric if needed.

    L = 4 3/4 ''
    W = 4 3/8 ''
    H = 3 1/4 - 5/16 ''

    The W is the side facing you when you look at the amp, which is the shorter of the two sides on that plane. Let me know if you need cm. I just have to dig it out.
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  13. MJS242
    Much appreciated!
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  14. carlosgab
    For those who are in this thread esp those who own a 339, Im interested to know what are your thoughts in the upcoming monoprice cavalli liquid platinum because it is going to be priced close to the 339.
  15. maximus69
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