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L-shaped detachable cable

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by medium rare, Oct 8, 2011.
  1. medium rare
    Hey gang,
    I'm in the market for some headphones and I've narrowed it down to the ATH PRO700Mk2. The nice thing about the 700mk2, is that they come with detachable cables but I've had a bad experience with straight 3.5mm headphone jacks. I've gone through 3 iPods with straights because of the massive torque the 3.5mm port would experience while in my pocket. Thus I'm looking for a detachable L-shaped 3.5mm jack headphone cable, non-coiled if possible. I'd like to stay away from a DIY. Thanks in advance.
  2. jasonb
    so this headphone uses a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male cable? if so, there are a few choices with a 90 or 45 degree end. 2 that i know of are the Monster brand cable that fits the Beats headphones, and the V-moda crossfade/v-80 cable. The monster has a very short 90 degree angle and would be your best bet. the v-moda has a 45 degree which is still better than a straight plug. i have both cables and prefer the v-moda, but mainly because it has the the mic and ipod controls. the v-moda one also fits so snugly into the opening in my iPhone 4 case that the case also helps to protect the headphone jack. i'd recommend either, and im sure there are other options as well. but these are the best two i've found.   
  3. Il Mostro
    L-shaped 3.5->3.5 adapter is another way to go if you do not feel like replacing the entire cable.
  4. drummerman
    or get a HD25
  5. medium rare

    The v-moda looks interesting with the 45 degree angle. Price is reasonable for the "kevlar" sheath. Now does it matter what the material of the jack is made of? I've read that the 700mk2 cables are gold plated and seen cables with nickel plated tips. The difference i've read, affects the susceptibility to oxidation but if anyone would like to further expand on it, please do. 
    The adapter I think would limit portability as the length of the base would increase, making it harder to slip in and take out my source from my pocket. 
  6. medium rare


    I was on the fence of getting the HD25. It's gotten high praise for its portability and wide genre of music. But after reading numerous reviews, my impression is they're a bright set of phones. I'm subject to bass heavy music such as electro/dubstep with non-existent vocals, so if i wanted to reach this level with the HD25, i'd have to spend more money on driving them with a portable amp.

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