KZ ATE vs Mi Piston 3. Need good noise isolation
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Aug 22, 2015
Here goes:
I can buy the KZ ATE for ~750, Piston 3 for 999.
I travel by a noisy bus for 2 hours everyday. People talking, loud music, traffic noise; wan't to listen to music without pumping up the volume too high and going deaf.. need good noise isolation. Can't afford active noise cancellation. 
Been searching, narrowed down the the KZ ATE and Mi Piston 3. 
Have read about them, just confused which ones to buy. 
Music: Trance, Techno, house (no commercial big room boomy edm); don't like overpowering bass that drowns out everything else.
From what I've read, the Piston 3 is balanced, while ATE has more sub-bass; but need a recommendation on which one has better noise isolation.
Btw, currency in rupees. Open to other alternatives (need good noise isolation 
) for roughly ~1k.
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ATE sounds better and isolates slightly better. Still not good enough for bus travel in my opinion though. Maybe try to get your hands on some Steelseries Flux.

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