kX Project for SbLive !
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Mar 29, 2002
I don't know how many of you already know this, but here i go.

In searching for newer Creative Sounblaster Live drivers I stumbled on kX Project drivers.
First thing that caught my eye was that that these drivers are custom made, not tweaked or just some beta Creative drivers.
So i gave it a try.

Damn these drivers are not for gamers, they don't support Eax, in any kind, just some basic Direct3d Sound extensions; i was already thinking, where did i put that last of Cretives betas.
Just as i about to reinstall Creatives drivers i heard on my headphones that there is so little static compared to my last drivers, official or betas.
Ok, this is great, lets read help to see what they say about it.
And there i saw this:

"The AC97 codecs used in SBLive! cards are rather noisy devices (when compared to i2s codecs), and this leads to some quality problems. As a rule, SBLive Rear outputs have much better Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Channel Separation (acs) since they use the I2S codec. So, if you want to get better sound quality for music playback it is recommended that you plug your speakers into the 'Rear Out' and enable the 'Swap Front and Rear' kX Mixer option (the swap is enabled by default)."

And i did it; plugged it on a rear output.
Now i don't hear static at all, can you believe it, a SbLive without static and clear sound (but this only works with these custom drivers).

Please give it a try and let me know if i missing something, maybe a impared frequncy response or anything else, but as far as i'm concerned this is great if you'r not a gamer.

Give it a try. http://www.nix-lab.spb.ru/mission.php

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