Kumitate (くみたて) Lab: A Triumph and Celebration of DIY - Impressions Thread
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Nov 26, 2014
Definitely worth the wait! Which design you went for? Sakura shell Color? And did you try out the Ref-TypeS?

No I didn't try that, I got ask for that but then he only got like the demos for like now selling product or he didn't understand xD got full deep purple xD
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Sep 7, 2013
Good news for TRIO users, Kumitate Lab is finally starting to accept orders for the custom earpiece for TRIO. (I am always struggling with the fit of TRIO due to its heavy nature)



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Jun 11, 2014
Three new "low cost" Custom IEM models arriving, with traditional tech.  None of them have model names yet.
*3 way 3BA for around 7man.(70,000JPY) (This one uses a tweeter and two of the same model bass driver BAs, but the bass BAs have different crossovers)
*2 way 4BA for around 9-10man. (90,000JPY-100,000)
*4 way 4BA more "flat" or "reference sounding", $$$?  Potentially solid fill resin on all/some of these. Added a nice "heft" to them.
I listened to all of them.  The 2 way, 4BA hits bass HARD and didn't fall over a higher volumes and bass levels.  I'd be in the market for a pair, if I didn't already have 3 sets of customs.  We'll see...  The 2 way, 4BA was easily my favorite of all of the new stuff (including Lakh).  
I don't know why, but I didn't really like the lakh.  I tried the REF again and also still didn't really like it.  I kept going back to my Kanon's after each test track as a reference since they are my daily desk job headphones and I spend 3+ hours with them a day.   It's very much a personal topic though, so I'd highly recommend trying in person before deciding.
The Wraith is real, but not for sale.  It was a one off. Basically a KL-REF+Lakh pressure module.
The 24BA custom is also real, and of course a joke.  He only made the one side and doesn't plan to make the other.
The BAs were 6x double Bass BAs (12x) that went into a "box" and then had a single tube.
Going back there yesterday, I'm still pleased with my Kanon.  If I didn't have anything already and had all of these options available to me when I ordered last year (There was only the Kanon, REF and below, no Lakh yet), I'd decide on either the Kanon or the new 2 way 4BA.  Glad to still be very happy with my decision.  I was only in the office to get some new cables in the first place...
Some things I learned:
All of their models have different BA drivers (split per model name).  No Customs with different model names re-use the same model BA driver.  They're all different.
KL-Kanon is named after Pachelbel's Canon.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOBYK_reo-4
"Next 5" is on some of their new models.  It just means "Next 5 years" (of the company) and they haven't decided on a model name yet.
I was approached to write a review for them of my Kanons and will over the course of the next few weeks.

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