Kuala Lumpur International AV Show (KLIAV) 2017 Impressions Thread

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  1. Snowball0906
    I think the bass is strong and punchy as my jh.. so yea. Okok. Thank you so much!
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  2. AllenWalker
    Maybe you can try looking for mid-tier customs at that price range? :)
  3. ezekiel77
    Seems to me he's looking for a good DD or hybrid IEM, but I could be wrong.

    On that note, Dunu DN-3001 comes highly recommended as a mid tier hybrid. I haven't heard it but reviewers I trust say it's very worthy. Only thing is the fit might be bad.
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  4. Snowball0906
    I’ve got one CIEM which is JH 3X Pro. So far so good. Love it. But now I would like to try something different. I’m considering acoustune HS1551CU. But I’m afraid that it’s clarity will be slightly dull. No chance to try it yet :frowning2:
  5. Snowball0906
    I’m looking for IEM that has wide soundstage, clear and have enough bass. Haha. Will try dunu if I have the chance. Hopefully it’s not thin like dunu dn2000. :frowning2: And I want the IEM to be paired well with balanced cable. so yeap. I guess that’s my need. Haha
  6. ezekiel77
  7. Rin1990
    So I should let you guys know, that I will be doing a full review of Elysian Acoustics Hades next year, which will be on loan for one month before I return it to Mr. Lee.

    Please stay tuned. =)

    Also I am working on an opening thread for Elysian Acoustics since there's no official thread for it yet.
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  8. AllenWalker
    Mind reviewing the Artemis while you are at it if possible? I tried before and it sounded quite good.
  9. Rin1990
    That depends if Mr. Lee agrees.

    As it is, I only reserved a review unit for the Hades which will be on a 1-month loan next month.
  10. Rin1990
    I just spend some good time with Mr. Lee from Elysian Acoustics today so I will give some thorough detail impression on this. Hope you guys get some info out of it. :D


    Elysian Acoustics Minerva-Revision

    Driver configuration: 4x Balanced Armatures (2-lows, 1-mid and 1-high)

    Comments about the Sound

    This is a very different animal to the old Minerva which has a tweeter and a different driver configuration altogether. This is what happens when you make the most out of those four really well-selected and tuned-with-extreme-care BA drivers.

    Lush, balanced, and tastefully colored (and never overboard), the Minerva-R is filled to the brim with life and excitement with its sound signature.

    Yet despite the brightness in its signature, not once was it ever fatiguing to my ears and it really scale incredibly well with how accurate its precision is in reproducing the instruments with seemingly minimal effort.


    Good lord the bass on these…!

    They go deeeeeeeeep. Deep, very punchy yet decay just on the right amount of speed and timing. This is something I don’t expect since the bass response from the original Minerva is nowhere near as deep and addicting as this.

    The dual low-BA drivers certainly did their job in unison here delivering this type of low-frequency that I normally would expect out of a well-tuned dynamic driver.

    While it’s not as natural well-decayed as a good well-tuned DD, this type of bass is definitely close to it.

    Great job!


    The midrange is sweet, lush, full of life and character.

    Syrupy thick, full and head-enveloping, yet when a song calls for it, can be as airy as it can be -- the midrange here is nothing short of addicting, and whatever BA driver it’s being used for the midrange, it’s clearly being pushed at its peak performance with such accurately precise sound positioning that singers are being pinpointed with laser-like positioning that is so on-point that it nearly threw me off guard.

    This is especially clear when I listened to Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

    It just draws me in and I am completely lost in that emotionally-invoking vocal performance that is unforgettable even after so many years. I can easily just forget about analyzing the sound performance and just lose myself in the beauty of the note reproduction. It just drifts away with the music note.


    Free of fatigue, and extend very far. It’s capable of reaching towards our local stars, but not quite the level of Hades’ seemingly endless ascension.

    But it’s nothing to be scoffed at, despite not having a tweeter like the original design, the treble here is still bloody amazing. Airy, and sparkly, clear and full of detail, yet never got sibilant.

    It is also extremely revealing, so much so that you will benefit from a very well-mastered track fed into it. The Minerva-R will just throw gobs of detail towards you in a very forward way. This might be a bit too much for some as it doesn’t quite have the smoothness of Hades that may make the sound more forgiving, compared to this Minerva-R which can really rip apart bad recordings.

    Long story short: You WILL get what you feed with the Minerva-R, along with every error found in the music notes.


    Soundstage is expansive, deep and very 3D-lifelike. Thanks to its high level of accuracy in note reproduction, the Minerva-R is very revealing and might get overwhelming with details at times when you play a complex track like Carmina Burana orchestral pieces.

    If this sounds familiar, you’d be right since this sounds like Artemis over again -- except here there’s one difference -- the staging of Minerva-R is very expansive and wide, giving a more out-of-the-head experience that gave off that “big sound” presentation that can be very impressive.


    Paired with the LG V30+ with its impressive Quad-DAC configuration on the smartphone, this IEM scale just as well even with this simple pairing.

    Much like the flagship brother -- Hades, the Minerva-R loves power. It’s sound became more revealing at higher volume output and yet retained itself fatigue-free.

    When paired with the V30+, there were no audible hiss from my experience. However, hissing detection wise, depending on how sensitive your ears are -- YMMV.

    Impression Scoring

    Bass: A+

    Midrange: A++

    Treble: A+

    Spatial: A

    Pros: Lifelike presentation of midrange that is both sweet and full of emotion and character, surprisingly deep bass that’s evenly distributed with just-right-fast-decay and punch very well, amazing treble extension and incredibly revealing.

    Cons: Treble could be a bit smoother. Very unforgiving due to its revealing nature, can be a bit picky on tracks quality, but you get what you feed with it, detail retrieval might be a bit overwhelming for some

    Overall Rank for Elysian Acoustics Minerva-R: A++
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  11. ahmadfaizadnan
    I will be receiving the review unit of UM Mentor V3 in April for two weeks and will be back to Malaysia on May. I am so hype with Mentor V3 but also curious with Elysian Acoustics flagship, is there any place that I can audition them?

    Also, awesome review!
  12. Rin1990
    In KL, you can audition them on Stars Picker Audio. :)

    and thanks lol. I really liked the new Minerva-R.
  13. ahmadfaizadnan
    I'll be going to Stars Picker then!
    btw, do you know what's the price on Minerva-R?
  14. Rin1990
    It's priced at RM 4099.
  15. ezekiel77
    Wow you're part of the review tour? Did you get your hands on the Mason V3 as well?
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