Kuala Lumpur International AV Show (KLIAV) 2017 Impressions Thread

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  1. koinmove
    Glad to see people writing review regarding Elysian Acoustic IEMs :dt880smile: . I know Mr.Lee from Low Yat forum, a person who passionate in making custom IEM. Since then he letting me to test his various IEMs (also in different versions) and sharing info with me.

    This time he let me try with his latest FLAGSHIP>> Hades 6 drivers for few days, and I am very exited with it because the first version i tested is nice.

    Disclaimer: I am not a serious audiophile or professional, I'm just a person who like to listen music. This review is by my own preference, therefore I will write it short.

    Test gear: Ipod, Ibasso D-zero mk2, Grace 9xx, UE 18+ (universal & custom).

    will update later.


    High: excellent details and extend very well without harsh. But might feel slightly "stiff", sorry I don/t how to describe it....

    Mid: Very sweet, slightly warm and exelent Mid, first listening may make you feel like a mid-centric iem. nothing much to complain.

    Bass: clear and details, high quality bass with enough quantity and not too much to punch your feeling. It very well extend and you even can listen the sub-bass.


    Is a very high performance iem, very good details and well extend on each frequency.
    Incredible separation and positioning, but i think this also be it weak point because each part is too good and will feel like their (high, mid, low) are fighting with each other.

    Sound signature is different to UE, Hades consider is neutral sound.
    For me compare to UE 18+ , 18+ is more relaxing on the listening. Separation/positioning and low extend are not as good as Hades.
    High and mid both have different characteristic, depend on what kind of sound you like.

    [add-on] Hades is a sensitive IEM, the volume i listening is slightly lower than my custom 18+ !!

    Final Conclusion >> Hades is a IEM that VERY competitive to other flagship IEM!!
    And i believe Elysian Acoustic will make their own perfect IEM soon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [/SIZE]
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  2. Rin1990
    Great impression. I really like the Hades, and personally I don't think the seperation being "too good" as an issue as it's rather fatigue-free from my last experience. =)

    But thanks for sharing on the informative write up. :D
  3. koinmove
    I tested the QDC gemini and 8sh? (with skeleton plate), their not my favorite...
    especially the high... hard to accept that quality with the price....
  4. koinmove
    Haha, then you have your next target :beyersmile:
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  5. Rin1990
    Yeah...it's at least easier to reach than Empire Ears which cost a lot more since I love both of them and I really think Elysian Acoustic IEMs can compete against EE which is my favorite IEM brand.

    The Hades is quite a strong rival to Zeus-R IMHO.

    Also, I personally find the QDC8SH to be okay sounding but I can definitely agree the treble being too hot for some. I only like the mids of the 8SH since I love my midrange xD

    It's nowhere near as piercing as the Gemini though, which I really don't like to be honest.
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  6. koinmove
    I should find a chance to test Zeus. :D

    the high is too thin for 8sh & Gemini. mayb because cut off on some high frequency(?) .
    and i remember gemini is harsh on high.
    sorry hard to recall it because tested too many IEMs.

    BTW for Jomo, I also prefer Samba more than Flamingo. 4 and 6 drivers also nice but the 6 drivers a bit loosing on the high frequency.
    Actually in KLAV i was not interested in JOMO but Mr.Lee insist me to test Jomo.
    (thanks to him?) Then i got surprise by Jomo, the sound is natural for me and i am quite like it.
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  7. Rin1990
    My memories with Jomo IEMs are rather fuzzy to be frank. But I do like some of their IEMs. No idea about the Samba or Flamenco though. But I will need to refresh my memory someday with them.

    And yeah, the Gemini is too harsh to my ears.
  8. Snowball0906
    Review on the comparison of Hifiman RE2000 vs Oriolus V2 vs Acoustune HS1551CU please.... Having dilemma on which one to get..
  9. ahmadfaizadnan
    Quite a price gap between those three. After reading a number of reviews, really hope that I have the chance to listen to RE2000 in the future.
  10. Snowball0906
    I’ve read few reviews that acoustune is used to compare with high end IEMs like xelento.. so I’m looking for a comparison in terms of sound quality regardless of price. Hehe
  11. echineko
    Only 2 of those are worth the asking price, and I own the Oriolus and have tried the other 2. Acoustune is solid value though.

    Also, since you mentioned the Xelento, I own that too, and am really a fan. The Acoustune does indeed compare favourably (especially when you consider the price) though it doesn’t have the imaging of the Xelento or the satisfying bass rumble of the Oriolus.

    I thought you could try both the Xelento and Oriolus at Stars?
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  12. Snowball0906
    Unfortunately im not living in KL but Kuching. So didnt get to have chance to try them out. :frowning2: May I know more about Oriolus? How about its soundstage, clarity and placement?
  13. Snowball0906
    Im actually looking for an upgrade from FAD Heaven 8 and JH 3xpro. Im looking for something that has clarity and wide soundstage like xelento but with a slightly more bass.
  14. ezekiel77
    FWIW RE2000 isn't worth the TOTL tier money. Good bass, mids and imaging, but the treble peaks put me off. Also the build quality isn't all that premium for the asking price.

    Oriolus MK2 is warmish, airy, and laid-back. An excellent all-rounder, just don't expect the highest resolution or detail.
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  15. ezekiel77
    Hang on, Xelento doesn't have enough bass for you? You might want to find the original AK T8iE MK1 which has a bassier tuning compared to MKII and Xelento. Same form factor as Xelento.
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