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KSC75 in iGrado body

  1. ruinevil
    So I was trying to rewire my iGrados, and I killed the right driver. Apparently SR-60 and iGrado use an adhesive/solder to tie the driver wires to the pads that is not tolerant to multiple resoldering, many an iGrado/SR-60 have died this way on this forum.
    I was a little depressed, but then I remembered that I had some KSC-75 lying around. After removing the pads, it fits perfectly where the iGrado driver used to be. Since the iGrado body already has a grill, I pried off the KSC-75 grill, and dropped it in.
    A little too much treble, I'll have to find some pristine pads to replace the poorly quartermodded iGrado pads.
    In other news... I have 1 working iGrado driver... anyone selling one or want to buy one?
  2. KimChee
    Can you recable the Koss KSC75s with the igrado cable?  The KSC 75 cable is painfully bright on other IEMs
  3. ruinevil
    iGrado cable is pretty much the worst cable ever made. They first broke 3 or 4 months in at the plug. I do have some really thick cable which I was rewiring with. RatShack 20' Headphone cables cut and spliced together. 
  4. ruinevil
    Some pictures 
    I think the Koss driver is more fragile than the Grado one, due to its textured shape. I've had to blow on my drivers a few times to get the wrinkles out.
  5. goohsm
    if you can put koss drivers into grado shell
    can you put grado drivers into koss?
  6. ruinevil
    No. I am not putting the only Koss drivers in... I am put essentially the entire Koss body without the pads or grills. So I think the Grado drivers would be too big for Koss body.

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