ksc-35 vs porta-pro
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Mar 5, 2008
Hi Guys,

I have a pair of ksc-35's that I bought on Koss's site, that need new woofers, no worries with koss! but I was wondering, besides the ease of use, are the portapros similar quality?
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Same drivers lawl.

edit: Also note that the portapros don't like the abuse, i keep having to resolder the wires to the drivers. But it's just me, I like to abuse my stuff.
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Exact same drivers, but different clamping mechanism. I've never had durability problems with the PortaPros, and they have taken a beating. Plus if you don't like the headband, since you already still have the clips from the KSC-35, you can do a quick driver swap and be happy again.

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