KSC-35 replacement earpads from RS
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Jun 2, 2002
My trusty old KSC-35's have torn and beat up ear pads. I remember reading about the recommendation that Radio Shack sells replacement earpads and so I went down to my local RS and got a pair. They don't fit on as nicely as the originals do- but I was able to get them on.

The problem is that I seem to be getting some volume attenuation from the new pads. Here's a rough benchmark: if I listen to the headphones direct out of my Powerbook, with the old pads I could listen comfortably with the volume setting at 3 or 4 "bars" (the volume scale has a total of 16 bars). With the new pads, I sometimes need to go up to 6 or 7 bars to get what I would subjectively define as the same volume.

Can anyone shed more light on the attenuation effects of these replacement pads for the KSC-35's and their effect on audio characteristic? I am wondreing if I should return them and order replacement "original" pads from Koss? I actually have a pair of spare, unused (not even broken in) KSC-35's that I can do an AvB test with- maybe this weekend I might try that out.


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