Koss Sporta Pro vs Porta Pro for running?
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Nov 20, 2017
I have been running with a pair of Koss Sporta Pro for almost 2 years now, but today, the left driver (I have verified that it is the driver, and not the jack or cord) died on me.
So, I'm undecided on whether to buy another pair of Sporta Pro, since I really enjoyed them, and were quite comfortable for running - plus, I have several sets of replacement cushions for them - or, perhaps I should go with the Porta Pro instead.
I'm talking strictly wired here.

From what I have been reading, the Sporta Pro are designed more for exercise, while the Porta Pro are designed for home use. That said, I also read that the Porta Pro have a slightly better sound.
I listen to Rock while I run.
The only complaint I have with the Sporta Pro is that, at times, there was a slight 'buzzing' when the bass gets heavy. This appears to be caused by some plastic part not fitting exactly as it should... or, perhaps this was the first sign of the driver going bad??

I normally wear the headphones with a baseball cap while I run. Looking at both the Sporta and Porta Pro I think they would both fit OK under the hat.
So, is there any reason I would not want the Porta Pro?

Thanks for your input
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Think you can still mount either on the parts express/realistic style headband so neither should have an edge in the comfort department. I would think the smaller thinner headband would be more comfy. I thought so when I did it way back when. Long ago, it actually was a Realistic headband in my case. Much better than the Sporta-Pro headband was. Did have the Porta Pro as well and thought it caught my hair at the time even more than the Sporta pro. Guess I'm in the camp of replacing both for the best comfort.
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I decided to go with the Porta Pro, owing for what appears to be a more robust construction. It's amazing that these cans have been around since 1984! Funny that I never even thought of trying a pair back in those days. I always seemed to end up with the cheap Sonys. That said, my very first pair of cans was the Koss Pro4 AA. Heavy suckers, but really sounded great. Now I've got the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, and wouldn't part with them (for home listening) for anything.

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