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KOSS ESP950 electrostatic headphones, New Other (Syd, AU)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by cyberbully, Sep 14, 2013.
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  1. cyberbully
    For Sale
    Hi guys,

    I bought this pair of Esp950s in July this year for 956 USD + shipping (77 USD) from states (1200 AUD worth), and only opened the package for a testing purpose. The total on-head time should be less than 3 hrs.

    The reason for sale is that I need to fund up my upgrade to a STAX-007 set as the esp950s have shocked me and opened the gate to electrostatic phones. No doubt, they are absolutely graceful and elegant headphones in terms of sounds as recommended by Jude Mansilla in the newest '2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide --- Ultra-High-End Headphones' (http://www.head-fi.org/a/2013-head-fi-summer-buying-guide-ultra-high-end-headphones-summit-fi)

    All original accessories are included , and only the amp/energiser, phones & the AC power supply have been used. The others are in brand new condition, never opened and well kept in their factory packaging. (I do keep all my equips like babies with extra cares in a smoke, pets free and dry place).

    One giant thing to mention, Koss life time trouble-free warranty will go with this pair (transferable). So basically, if anything bad or unexpected arises (unlikely tho), just ship them to Koss and
    get back a new pair for free. They keep great values. And this pair is essentially brand new and rather rare here in Aus (the reason why I bought them from the states...).

    (About the sounds or other standard details of these headphones, I don't have much to say other than heaps of those reviews everywhere online (as it has been lasting in the market for quite some time and still is the top-line product of Koss as well as the only survival of ongoing electrostatic headphones other than the Stax's, I guess this says a lot). Generally, IMO, the pop music (the strongest hand of these phones) would sound totally different and unique (guaranteed) on them comparing to any of dynamic/planar headphones that I have heard, you would be very much impressed/pleased if you haven't had a try on these ones ever before or maybe still. Besides, they give great on-head comfort as headphones, which is dedicated by the (detachable) genuine leather headband and light weight earpads.)


    1. They (all esp950s) are born with some electrostatic buzz after every time starting it up (sometimes not), however, it won't affect you to appreciate the music when operating.

    2. The paper box is slightly folded and tilted as shown in pics, it came to me just like that.

    + it's a 110v system, a step-down transformer is strictly required/ a must-have when using in AU. (I can pass you the special 500va one that I use with them for a little 30 AUD (valued at 70 AUD), it is a monster and weighs about 3~5kg, aimed for a so claimed 'better sound'. Images of the actual item upon on request).

    As for all the natures of the headphones, they are basically new and have got 35% off already from the original price, the price is firm. This is really a deal for getting them if you have a plan. Items are located in Syd, cash on pick-up is as always preferred. Otherwise, I am not responsible of handling any shipping and paypal fees etc. (if any) shall occur. (e.g. 25 AUD Australia-wide?, to be confirmed)

    They have been solidly packed and ready to go at any time from now.

    Any other questions, more than welcomed to ask.

    Thanks for reading!
    Good luck!


    I have quite a few other headphones in Like New condition like Sony SA3000s, AKG K701s, Etymotic ER4S red/blue version, Sony XB500s etc. etc. are considered to sell, please let me know if you feel interested.

    - end -
  2. cyberbully
    Sold, in pending. Couldn't believe until seeing that 7 offers are received up to now.

    Thanks guys!
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