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Koss ESP-950 Warranty and Service?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by charliex, Aug 10, 2010.
  1. charliex
    I sent my (Stax cabled) Koss ESP-950 headphones into Koss for repair (after I had removed the 007 Stax Cable).  All they needed
    was a headband repair since they no longer 'stayed together'.  My question is, does anyone know how long it usually takes
    Koss to respond/repair and return headphones under warranty?  Mine have been gone for a few weeks already.
  2. Anaxilus
    You mean Koss.  FWIR it could be one or more months.  They just toss them and send replacements is what I heard.  Sounds simple but I hear Koss is no Meelec when it comes to customer service.
  3. jjinh
    That also what I've heard from previous owners.
    If I didnt have to send them all the way to US for potential warranty services I'd get a pair because I like their lifetime warranty.
  4. QuantumCarrot
    For the lower-end models, yes, Koss will often just give you a new pair. For the higher-end ones, though, they're more than likely to repair rather than replace. They completely reconditioned my 4AAs, so pretty much anything higher up the line is going to be manufactured by them in Milwaukee and they'll replace parts as necessary. 
    I learned from the rep at the factory outlet/repair dropoff the ESP950 are special-built only when ordered. I doubt they would just toss and replace them like that.
  5. FrankCooter
    Got my ESP-950's back from Koss about a month ago. Turn around time was 3 days. I bought them used. I know they've been in under warranty at least once before. I blew both drivers while testing a DIY amp. Totally my fault, and I was honest about it. They replaced both drivers at no charge. Can't say enough good things about the "no questions asked, lifetime warranty service."  In contrast, U.S. Stax wouldn't even talk to me about my "gray market" SR-303's.
  6. Anaxilus


    Hmmm, the story I heard was about someone trying to get a headband replaced.  Koss wanted the whole unit.  Odd if they are specially handbuilt.  I hope its true that way my ESPs will feel more special!  [​IMG]
  7. ericj
    I had a slight buzzing in both sides of my esp950. I sent in the headphones alone because the lady on the phone said i didn't need to send in the amp.
    Weeks passed and i called to find out what was going on. They told me to send the amp.
    When i eventually got it all back, they'd given me a new headband (i didn't send my headband), applied new badges, and replaced both drivers and the cable.
    And the amp had a new sticker on it's face, which indicates that they at least had the amp open. dunno whether they did anything while they were in there.
  8. charliex
    It has been well over a month since I sent them in - and all I want is a simple headband replacement, nothing else.
    They haven't even acknowledged receiving them.
  9. Anaxilus
    Well if I ever need my ESPs serviced I'll make sure to drive my car over them first.  That should eliminate any confusion.
  10. FrankCooter


    Why don't you just call them up?
  11. QuantumCarrot
    Not sure if there's an 800 number but I know their service department can be reached at (414)964-5000.
  12. spritzer


    They add a voltage divider to the bias supply to trim off roughly 10%. 

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