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KOSS ESP-950 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by milosz, Nov 22, 2011.
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  1. JimL11
    Actually he listened to two, an SRM-727 with global feedback mod, which costs >$1000 due to the basic cost of the 727 (the mod costs $1 in resistors plus a few minutes desoldering and soldering time), and an SRM-T1 with constant current load mod and replacement electrolytic caps, which costs considerably less than $1000 (basically cost of T1 plus <$100 parts, plus a few hours soldering time). Of the two, I think the T1 sounds better - I sold the modded 727.
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  2. timb5881
    Did anyone else see the Koss ESP-900 on eBay? Went for $599 in just a few hours. The ESP-900 is essentially a ESP-950 but with sealed backs. It was intended for Magnetic Resonance labs since electrostatics have no magnets in them.
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  3. PolloLoco
    I've just started listening to my esp950x seriously. I bought some cheap replacement pleather pads I'd like to try. Is there some trick to pulling the old ones off? I read something about glue in this thread, and would rather not risk breaking mine.
  4. IBJamon
    It comes right off. No glue.
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  5. kevin gilmore
    birgir got them. he usually gets rare stuff like this. he has posted pictures elsewhere.
    acquisition mania is a serious disease.
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  6. PolloLoco
    Thanks! I did the swap tonight. Wow, much bigger difference than I expected from open headphones. The bass increase is noticeable. My ears get warm, though that's a fair trade and then some.

    I have a feeling I'll buy the $90 pads eventually.
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  7. IBJamon
    Which pads are they?
  8. PolloLoco
    I bough these on EBAY. Like I said, cheap, and several vendors have the same item.


    I have no idea how these compare to the original esp950 pads, but for me they're a big improvement on the velour pads provided by Massdrop.

    I'm really curious if there would be noticeable improvement with the Vesper pads... like I said before, I'll probably get them eventually.
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  9. frogmeat69
    So, haven't read the whole thread, but is there anywhere else besides the store on Ebay that sells a modded cable with the Stax plug? Just need like a pigtail extension, don't want to cut my original cables, and $150+ for the ebay one is kinda steep.
  10. darinf
    We have them in stock too: Koss ESP-950 to Stax Adapter Cable, but we actually had to raise the price since Koss more than doubled the price of the extension cables. So ours is now $159.00.
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  11. Allanmarcus
    Does that mean koss is selling the cables again?
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  12. darinf
    Not that I am aware of to end users.
    I am a dealer and there is a pretty high minimum order quantity. (The price has also more than doubled.).
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  13. ratboi
    A Stax 725H extension cable was 4x the price Koss was charging, the 925H (silver!) was 10x. Koss have a ways to go before they catch up to Stax. Just sayin'...
  14. frogmeat69
    Thanks, I will keep you in mind if I do end up with the iFi. Would rather deal with someone on here with good rep than Ebay.
  15. Delmetrice
    Am I a bad person if the availability of good pads is what keeps me from jumping on a set of cans? After this, I'm interested.
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