Koss driver question (KTX-PRO and newer KSC series)
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Sep 20, 2004

Originally Posted by oc613
Main points:

- I have a pair of Koss KTX-PRO headphones with dead drivers somewhere, from about 5 years back?
- I like the comfort of these / look versus the dorky clip-ons (ksc-50, 75, ect.)


- Are the drivers in the old KTX-PRO (not the newer KTX-PRO 1) the same physical size as the newer clip-ons?


- If yes, I will frankenstien some ksc-75 drivers into my KTX-PRO band and do a full recable (reads "still cheap cable") as an alternative to the clip on KSC75 or the newer KTX-PRO 1 titanium which has a much worse design.


Also, if anyone can propose links to people who have placed the porta-pro family drivers in alternate housings it would be greatly appreciated. I already found one link at electric avenues, but I'm hoping to find a cheap common headphone that can get gutted to fit the ksc drivers as ideally I would like to make a couple pairs easily (i.e. with consistent housings).

EDIT: I found out that they are indeed in the same family of driver. Not sure if the sizes are the same.

Can anybody measure the size of the ksc75 driver? looks to be about 30 mm?

Its closer to ~40mm... like ~43mm from perimeter to perimeter of the plastic housing.

Question... that KTX Pro... is it black or silver like the Pro-1 ?.. .the headphone itself not the driver... curious.


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