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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. crabdog
    Still nobody tried the KZ Bluetooth earphones?
  2. Ruben123
    Yes someone did and found them horrible, which is a pity as the market could be enormous thanks to the iPhone 7
  3. B9Scrambler
    Been spending some time with the ED12. Not what I was expecting...



    They look great, are exceptionally comfortable, and I got a pair without any build quality issues. What I wasn't expecting was the sound signature. They have a very odd signature, one that is quite similar to that of my ClarityOne ECW102 headphones. Gobs of subbass, heavily recessed midbass, treble floats around in this odd place between distant and forward. Mids are about the only normal part. It's a weird yet enjoyable sound.

    On another note, my ZS3's cable uses much thicker pins than those used on the ED12 so the cables aren't compatible. Can't recall if that was mentioned in a past post, but figured I'd throw it out there.

    I personally don't think they're very good and wouldn't recommend them. That said, I still like them for whatever reason, just as I like the ECW102 despite it being pretty bad. *I will be ordering a second pair at some point to see if this set is actually faulty.*
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  4. chavez
    Soooo,KZ ATE over Shure 215?
  5. Vidal
    Waiting for mine to arrive, very slow boat from China. ED12, KST and Kinera in that order
  6. mochill
    Will get my zst tomorrow:grinning:
  7. jmwreck
    This is what I thought too coz I find it very unpleasant. The treble sounded so thin (sterile) and it can't compete to the sound of the ED9 which for me is more lively. Same goes with the ZST or maybe I'm not use to their sound signature.
  8. haiku
    Which other iem could compete with the ATE S when it comes to subbass performance? I´m curious. Anyone?
  9. Ruben123
    So I'm going to give my not well appreciated opinion. Once every while I refind my hds1s and find out how incredible they are. Compared to the ATR and Ed9 I prefer the hds1. Perhaps the ed9 and Atr are technically better but that does not mean I enjoy the hds1 more. It really makes Mozart's symphonies a renewed joy to listen to.
  10. chaiyuta
    Yes, I have this one. 
  11. B9Scrambler
    The HDS1 is an awesome little iem. Last time I went back to it, the only issue I had was they could sound congested with some tracks. The ATE/ATR's soundstage has spoiled me, haha. Other than that, the HDS1 is still easily one of the best KZs out there. Beats the pants of the ED12, that's for sure. What a wonky sounding earphone that thing is...[​IMG] Tossed it on the "burn station" and will come back to it in a week to see if anything changes.
  12. zabunny94
    it's been a while since someone talked about hds1 :D

    hds1 is enjoyable for long listening time because of the smoothened treble. its basically ATE with less bass in my opinion (or maybe ED9 with less treble). kinda regretting my decision to sell it back then because I'm underwhelmed by it, when i listened to my brother's pair recently, i find it to be really pleasantly amazing
  13. Vidal
    At first I thought Macaw RT10 but it's not quite as deep as the ATE
  14. haiku

    Sony XBA H3 maybe?
  15. Vidal
    If we're going outside that price range the 4in1 blows it away
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