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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. MAntunes
    And where can I buy those tips?
  2. Ruben123
    They're the general tips you get with almost all earphones. Otherwise look on Ali or eBay, 99% of the sold tips are sufficient. I use those that can be had for $1/10pc.
  3. sgl54
    Ok a few weeks back I picked up the Kz Zst. Decided I needed a replacement cable, just to have on hand. Ordered the silver plated upgrade cable from EE ( Easy Earphone) which is now wooeasy earphone $9.90 us. They arrived today so first impression. Bass went away, mids, well upper mids are stronger more articulate highs about the same but with a subtle overall hollow sound. Running it with the Fiio X3 ( I normally run no eq ) I was able to get most the bass back running the eq on the classical setting and that hollow sound did go away. This was a short listen and just after spending some time with a new hybrid triple. I'll try with the X3 and the Fiio A3 (ek11) which may help. But that's where stands at this point.
  4. Redcarmoose

    The whole cable debate is never ending though stories like this are a statement that they don't always add a good quality. Especially adding silver to an already bright signature. But more than just tone, we also play with placement when ordering aftermarket cables. Wait till you get a pair of dark IEMs and put it to use. Or maybe burn in will help?
  5. sgl54
    You're right about cables, brightness, moving the signature around etc. I thought I would lose a little bass but based on other ( granted limited ) cable purchases I thought I'd get a solid midrange boost and just maybe a subtle change in the highs. But the bass which wasn't a strong point markedly decreaced. Mid focus shifted up. I don't know how much more burn in effect I'll still get but it won't overcome the cable effect. I do think I'll get some back running the amp. I will say they do look nice. They just pushed the sound out of my prefered signature.
  6. chaiyuta
    After I burn-in ZST quite enough, twang (or harsh) on female vocal had disappeared. I also tried it with another 2 upgraded cables and 3 DACs (CS4398PCM1792A and ESS9010). In overall sound signature I think that the ESS chip is a good matching. And this earphone is really sensitive on DACs unlike other iems that I owned. I've always used ZST as a secondary earphone since I have spare upgraded cables left. 
    For anybody who would like to read much more impressions on ZST, please go the below link.
  7. haiku
    Today, I listened to the Shure 215, se and balanced, with my AK300/380 combo. My KZ ATE S sounds better in every way. The Shure is just too limited on both ends of the spectrum for me. Bass is not meaty enough and highs are also too rolled off. Interesting was, that the Shure sounded better with the stock cable than with the balanced one.
    Anyway, if you´re a KZ ATE fan like me, don´t bother with thinking about trying the Shure. I think it´s just gotten a bit long in the tooth now.  
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  8. fonkepala

    I've just sold off my SE215. Primarily because they didn't fit my ears well, but also because of the so-so sound.
  9. c0rp1
    Hey guys,
    From the KZ lineup I have the KZ ATE and the KZ ZST (which OOTB felt awful compared to the ATE). Kinda new in all these audiophile stuff, so don't exactly know what sound signature I enjoy and what not. I don't own that many headphones in general (the ATE, ZST, Xiaomi Piston 3 and a pair of Sennheiser HD598 which I sold due to some fatigue I get from over ear headphones). I think I enjoy the sound signature of the Piston 3 more than the ATE.
    From what I've seen in this topic, people speak a lot about the ATR, ZS3 and the ED9, but I'm not sure how different they are compared to the ATE. Any other suggestions of what other KZ model I should try next?
    Forgot to mention, I'm expecting a pair of Senfer 4in1 soon, so do you think there's anything better that KZ can offer?
    Thank you!
  10. loomisjohnson

    the zs3 has the same general signature as the ate, but bigger stage and more bass--personally i like the zs3 better. haven't heard the atr, but i glean it's also similar (some say slightly superior) to the ate. everyone has a favorite kz--mine is the ed9, which has a smaller stage but sounds the most natural to me. others rave about the ed10, ed4, etc., all of which have their virtues. you should catch our disease and buy all of them.
  11. haiku

    I like the ATE and ATE S even more than the ZS3, which has kinda dry and sterile sounding highs imo. And if you like great subbass, ATE S is the way to go.  [​IMG]
  12. Degree
    How does the ATE S compare to the ATR? I love subbase 
  13. haiku

    From what I´ve read, the ATR has less bass and subbass than ATE S.
  14. fonkepala
    I'll be in a position to answer this question of yours once my order of ATE & ATE-S comes in sometime in the week or so.
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  15. Degree
    Thank you! Looking forward to it
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