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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Ruben123

    Well yes and no, we can PM if you want to but to all: The ZS3 feels like it has no peaks in the FR, only treble roll off and a subbass bump. Very relaxing signature. The ED9 has a much more "audiophile" sound, brighter, more natural as you wish, but it has more peaks so in overall SQ I would rate it worse than ZS3, though they are incomparable for sure as they sound totally different.
    The ATR though, sounds very very much like the ZS3. Probably the same driver, as I have a hard time finding the differences between them. I think the ATR has less sub bass but more upper bass, a tiny peak downwards in the lower mids causing some male voices to sound a bit artificial, combined with the upper bass peak then. Call it a tiny bit of bass bleed if you want. Tiny bit, overall they sound fabulous. It also has a bit more treble than the ZS3 which is very pleasing. SQ wise I would rate them the same. The tiny differences could also be because of a different fit (havent tried many tips yet).
  2. Ruben123

    No problem man! It may be a nice place too here but its main focus is KZ of course :)
  3. Majin
    Maybe when i am up for something new we can PM ye. Just received my monk plus and they sound awesome too bad it's an earbud (rip isolation). The ED9 will be my backup on the go IEM.
    I am on the verge to buy something again it will be either ty hi z or the ATR
  4. Ruben123

    As we PMed about, I totally detest the (original) Monks. There is a treble peak causing fatigue within seconds (for real), even at low volumes. TY HI-Zs are on their way now to replace the Monks thanks to Clearhead.
  5. PoneyMan

    The KZ ZST, with the silver cable and burned in can be comparable with the ZS3 or ATR? In all questions, specially soundstage
  6. Ruben123

    I dont have the ZST thanks to negative reviews and I dont believe in burn in or cables so unfortunately no answer from me my friend.
  7. Majin
    My only gripe about the monks are their grainy mids and the thin sounding sub bass. The layering and soundstage is awesome, forward sound and easy to EQ. 
    You rated the monk really low right from all the budget earphones.
  8. kaiteck
    no. its either zst or zs3 or ate is the best from kz
    Edit: ATR is a inferior version of ate.
  9. fonkepala

    Ok, wilco.. Although sometimes it feels rather natural AND relevant to compare KZ's offerings to other great Chi-fi stuff..as I'm sure most of us here are not KZ's customers only. We tend to hoard the other stuff as well :)
  10. Ruben123

    Yes I did, thanks to the quick fatigue. It is really unfortunate though.
  11. haiku

    When I read what ruben has posted, I would also rate the atr as inferior, personally. I almost regret that I´ve ordered the atr. I like the sound signature of the ATE S the most. I also own ATE and ZS3.
  12. trumpethead
    At first I was very disappointed with my ZST but after some burn in and finding the right tips for a good deal they have really opened up with a spacious airy sound that is a bit tired of at the top but are a very comfortable and pleasing listen. Good separation of instruments and somewhat balanced IMO...Don't like to compare to ED9 our ATE because I really like them all but the signatures are very different...ATR on the way, from what others have said they are right up there with the rest. Although I have "higher end" earphones sometimes I just prefer listening to my KZ.
  13. Redcarmoose

    Off topic ..........

    It will be fun to read your take on the S1.

    For me anyway it was just such a different thing. The whole purchase process was weird. I heard them in a store but kept concentrating on an area of the character. It was almost like being over negative and hearing them sound wooley in the mids. I have tried a bunch of bad IEMs in stores.

    I had my Piston 3s with me and did a back to back test with what I remember the S1 sounding like. Then walked back to the store and purchased them. After a day or so, they started to sound like some of the best IEMs I have heard, then continued to get better.

    The treble will be both non-complex and pulled back at first. The bass will not be smooth at first. Later things just smooth out and the treble goes forward and opens up.

  14. B9Scrambler

    ATR is an enhanced ATE. Same sound signature but with improved extension and better build quality. No way can it be considered inferior. Just hold and listen to the two back to back.
  15. kaiteck
    No. KZ tmall official stated ATR is a bassy inferior cheaper version of ATE. KZ aliwangwang salesman said that the atr should do btr in bass but in overall sound quality, ate should be better. Choosing your preferred sound signature is more important here. But ultimately, KZ intented to make ATR as the inferior version of ATE.
    Edit: Just like ATE-s. Some of us still say ATE is better than ATE-s. KZ intented to make ATE-S as upgraded version of ATE, but the quality difference is so subtle to the point our own personal preference matters more. Which is kinda expected since they were sold at the almost the same price.
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