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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Mellowship
    ... while drinking some single malt exlusive scotch on tweed jacket...
    been there, done that...
    Simplified mechanics and electronics on the same car makes it more reliable. :wink:
  2. NewWaveAudio

    KZ ATE with open back + Fiio E12 with bass boost + Penon tips= Pure awesome
  3. Vidal
    My IEM collection (32) has only just grown to exceed my Malt Whisky collection (28)
    I wonder if I could match up the sound of each with a Whisky. Now that would be an interesting weekend.
  4. Rhino73
    All joking aside, I'm 43 years old, I've seen stuff come and go, brands die and be reborn, KZ ATE are the dogs danglies. Chuffin brillliant.
  5. haiku
    Just as a side note, I´ve read that the head of KZ is a former audio technica engineer. Would explain the SQ.
  6. 1clearhead
    Come on! You guys are a tease!.....I'll be ordering my ATR's sometime this week! [​IMG]
    1 More Hybrids are pretty good! Several months ago I listened to them for several hours at a time and they remind me so much of my modded 808's. ....And even though they needed a little more boost in DB's for my taste, what caught me by surprise was the fact that they are some of the most comfortable earphones I've ever felt! Seriously!
  7. Redcarmoose

    The cord reminds me of the Piston 3s I have. Some of the reviews reminded me of the sound of the Piston 3s. They look a lot like Pistons 3s as well as their character of needed extra power to wake them? Piston 3s also respond better to bigger equipment than portable?

    They just look well made? I need to have some one actually fly in with them, so I won't have em for a while. Haha.
  8. fonkepala

    And which 1More hybrid is that.. Is it the Triple Driver?
  9. Ruben123
    I already found out that for great opera reproduction you need either a little bit warm sound or a fantastic sound stage, or both. The atr has both and Mozart's La Clemenza sounds awesome.
  10. Redcarmoose


    That is the one.
  11. 1clearhead
    No, actually the 1More Hybrid Capsule. I love the design!.....like forgeting they're in your ears! They are that comfortable!
  12. fonkepala
    Ok, I'll check em out. The 1more triple driver hybrids are on their way to me :)
  13. Ruben123
    Guys could you stay ontopic a bit? :) There is already another Chinese thread for discussing all other in-ears etc. :wink:
    Rhino73 likes this.
  14. Majin
    so the ATR is the best KZ IEM? cause they are like 4 euro's orso on aliexpress. Might give them a try for that price.
  15. Redcarmoose

    Your right. Sorry.
    Rhino73 likes this.
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