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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. KipNix
    I just received my ZS3 today (22 days Switzerland Post to Canada), and although one side didn't sound hollow, something was not right.
    Off I went to Audiocheck to do some investigating, and sure enough, the polarity test showed the left one had the cable plugged in wrong. Who the heck...oh I did that!
    I fixed it and have been enjoying these top notch IEMs ever since. Head over there and test yours.
    I'll review these when I take a breath from this sweet music.
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  2. toddy0191

    I did the same after one of the sides became disconnected and started to question my early positive impressions.

    After i connected it the correct way they sounded great again.

    Definitely singing to watch our for.
  3. sfogar
    HI, where did you buy from your ZS3 ? Gearbest ?
  4. rockingthearies

    http://m.gearbest.com/on-ear-over-ear-headphones/pp_436717.html Here you go
  5. Redcarmoose

    I'll have to order the ATRs, good to know I'm not off my lid on the sound signature impressions. Tell you the truth, I like the QKZ W1 Pro much better now than the ATE. I spent a while today and it's so amazing how most tips don't make the W1 Pros sound correct. But now they are my favorite with the right tips. The sound is more personal, and the bass is both forward and tight and low. Today they were 2X better than the ATEs to my ears. They are smaller so they fit better too. I have just fallen in love with these $8 IEMs with an aftermarket cable?
    I am using a 5th generation IPod and some IPads and an iPhone as well as an old Galaxy Tablet. The iPod goes great with the QKZ W1 Pro.

    Also it's crazy but I find the QKZ W1 Pro to be the most efficient IEM I have ever heard. 1/4 louder than the ATE at the same volume???
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  6. pashhtk27

    A question: W1 pro have mmcx connectors, or do they have connectors of some other kind? I was thinking of getting them for the cable, coz if it is mmcx then it can help with future buys too.
  7. Majin
    It doesn't look like mmcx connectors. The pin is too small.
  8. B9Scrambler

    They use DC connectors, not mmcx.
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  9. astralmind

    Wow thanks for the recommendation. Starr's bass sounded so enveloping with the ate, great evaluation track.
  10. Redcarmoose

    It's not the MMCX but the single pin, non screw type. Here is a photo. Really though if you want some rad cables the Basic ie200HD comes with two sets of cables, one for a phone and one not. They are slightly better than the W1Pro cable in that the around ear wires are slightly stronger. Still they almost look exactly the same?

    Nice to know they are called DC connectors.

  11. sfogar
    Many thanks, like mine...
    I received them some minutes ago.
    First impression: a lack of mids, how many hours of burn-in do they need ?
  12. B9Scrambler
    I just found out a couple days ago. Can't recall where I saw it though. Need to go back and update my review at some point.
  13. Ruben123

    Try other tips. They certainly dont lack mids. :)
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  14. Ruben123
    How is exactly the QKZ W1 compared to the ZS3 at both $8?
  15. Majin
    Didn't someone say that in the Chinese thread or did you say it?
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