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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. CoiL
    ATE mod finished! Will try different nozzles and setup tomorrow but atm listening with ED9 gold nozzles + open back grill-mod + cable change... won`t comment much atm but SQ is marvelous! [​IMG]
    Will take better pics tomorrow in sun/daylight, it`s night in here.
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  2. kr0mka
    Hey guys! Just ordered KZ ED10. At the moment I'm using Brainwavz R1 paired with Fiio X1 and I think I'm lacking bass. Will the ED10 be more bassy?
  3. B9Scrambler

    Sounds impressive! Always love seeing what you manage to do with your mods.
  4. SWLIU
    someone posted these pics of ZN1 on baidu.com:

  5. RedTwilight
    Well it's not that the Havis don't work at all but you may have to crank up the volume if you're using a phone. Otherwise an inexpensive amp like the Topping NX-1 will do the trick already.
  6. Lohb
    Run in my ED10s with a burn-in loop for 12 hours = to about 200, will see how they are later today. May run the loop again if no change. Testing amped off a Cayin C5 and un-amped.
    Any of you guys finding any particular entry-level portable amp goes well with ED9/10/ATE ?
    I need to hunt down the sensitivity of 9s and 10s online.
  7. ayaflo
    The KZ ATE has reached the post office, will receive it in a couple of hours from now. Hope it lives up to MH1c standards.
  8. CoiL
    ATE_GF_1.jpg ATE_GF_2.jpg

    ATE_GF_3.jpg ATE_GF_4.jpg
    ATE_GF_5.jpg ATE_GF_6.jpg  
  9. kenboy
    So has anyone got the ed9 I've just pulled the trigger on them wondering on how good these budget jobs can be also ordered the ed3 as a bassy pair , has anyone got experience with the ed9 as in terms of sq are they more balanced or bass orientated ?
  10. B9Scrambler
    Wow! Great job CoiL! Those look intense :D

    kenboy The ED9 are way bassier than the ED3. You can find a ton of ED9 impressions looking back a bit in the thread :)
  11. codearm2
    that is truly georgeus but it cost like hell [​IMG]
    They're still accepting PO right?
  12. kenboy
    Do you own some as Ive just orders them only thing I'm worried about is the fakers faking .
  13. Arsis
    ? Never heard of that.. What is the loop?
  14. Lohb
  15. SSSN
    Waiting eagerly for my ED10 and spare ATE. But I got a question.
    Is the AliExpress website the only way to track my order? I have never seen a tracking number going HN......AE. China Post doesn't find it.
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