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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Arny
    I am currently choosing the appropriate wired headphones. I decide between KZ ZS10 Pro and KZ ZSX. I would like to ask which would you rather recommend as the most suitable?
    I listen to film music: Avatar, Last Samurai, popular and classical music ... (no rock/metal)

    Is something better than this types of KZ under 50 dollars? What is your experience with these headphones? Do you have a comparison? I will listen to music on my mobile (Xiaomi). Thanks a lot.
  2. PhonoPhi
    I have CCA C12 (close relative of ZSX, same internals, different shell, slightly different tuning) and ZS10 pro.
    C12 and KZX are the newest generation and will do better for classical (to me ZS10 pro more fit for electronic music).
    So either CCA C12 or ZSX will be a good choice, depending on your preference in how they look, etc.
  3. Mouseman
    I think the ZSXs would be the better choice. The ZS10 Pros are a little "edgy" for classical and film music, and the ZSXs have such a rich and full sound, and a better soundstage.
  4. Arny
    And how about comparing KZ ZSX vs TRN V90 vs CCA-C12? Which ones are better? Which are more sophisticated? Someone told me he read that the ZSX was said to have too much aggressive height. Is it true?
    Which of these headphones, please, are better on classical, film, pop and not rock / metal?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  5. Mouseman
    I think that's a matter of personal preference. I like the ZSXs on everything from jazz, to rock, to classical music. They have great detail and soundstage, and I think they have the bass you need for cinematic music. I haven't fallen head over heels with the TRN V90s like everyone else, but they are very nice overall (I just like the ZSXs more). I don't have the C12s, so I can't comment on them.
  6. Caipirina
    Wow, just skimmed through a month of posts ... funny someone managed to find an ED7 .. :) missing that one in my stable ...

    still wondering if I should go for the AS12 on black friday, but it feels like a completist buy .. and different color scheme, yeah! But I already have the AS16 ... I read about the AS12 they have a punchy BA bass?
    Anyone with both, the 12 and 16 recommend to have both? :)

    and yes, it has been mighty quiet on the KZ front since Terminator and E10 TWS ... what's up with that? Need more KZ in my life!
  7. baskingshark
    Not to worry, KZ will be back.

    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  8. HungryPanda
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  9. SoundChoice
    A: “You promised no more after 11-11!”

    B: “But Black Friday will be lit”
  10. Caipirina
    OMG that's so spot on!
  11. Mouseman
    11-11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, a random Friday -- they're all holidays for us headphone junkies. :L3000:
  12. KevDzn
    Actually headphone/earphone junkies don't need any holiday sales to satisfied their needs......
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  13. nxnje
    Hello everyone. Finally my website is online again and I can share my review of the TRN V90.
    They're so good just like I have said today. Couldn't wait to share my opinions with you!


    I have the ZSX and I have reviewed them as well with a little comparison vs ZS10 Pros. If you wanna take a read you can reach the ZSX review by this link: https://audio-monkeys.com/in-ear/kz-zsx-en/

    In any case, if I have to be honest, i like both.. but if I had to choose for my personal taste I would pick the ZS10 Pros. The ZSX are less edgy, a bit more refined in the bass region and with a treble region with is less aggressive, but the ZS10 Pros sound more open, with a better lower midrange and better extension in the upper end.
    These are just my 2$ (writing with my ZSX in the ear, they're sure engaging anyway). That's a though choice even for me to tip you what to buy, but if you want something more relaxed which is still highly dynamic and good for many genres, the ZSX will do their job.
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  14. xxAMAROKxx

    Hi, I have both and AS12 are overall better earphones.
    More bass with same qualities
    Way better Mids. Smooth and non-aggressive.
    Maybe not as detailed, but more coherent, open heights. There is a very good transition from mids to heights.

    What makes me always happy is AS12 soundstage :) All instruments are placed further from me in a wide arc. I've never heard better from multi-BAs’ iems
    On high volume AS16 become harshy at mids very quickly. AS12 can be harshy at heights with wrong cable. But it still sounds engaging on high volume, not fatiguing. The best is Pure OCC copper for them imho.

    I totally love them, combination of their unique bright signature, coherency, soundstage and sufficient details makes me electrized :jecklinsmile: So yes, go for it :L3000:
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  15. Caipirina
    Great info!
    Now I know what to get on 12.29 :wink:
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