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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. lerorin
  2. OnTheRoad
    Thanks for the heads up Nimweth! Are the ED3C worth that amount (£17)? Or is there anything similar out there for that price point from KZ up to £25?
  3. revand
    Don't buy copper cable! I failed with a JCALLY copper cable.
    Here you can get the answer to your question. (use Google Translate)
  4. mbwilson111
    What do you mean you failed? Nothing wrong with choosing copper cables... I often do.
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  5. zachmal
    that merely indicates that the jcally16 cable might be rather bad in quality (conductivity ? bad quality jack connector and other characteristics have been mentioned),

    as far as I know it has been mentioned on the cable thread that others would better

    no need to over-generalize towards cables, the other mentioned cable from the banned yoyo brand is copper as well (worse quality plating also has been mentioned on the non well-recommended cables)

    so it just might be that e.g. it's worse than Nicehck 16 core or other brands and not directly to do with copper (aren't most cables copper anyway ?)


    it has been mentioned that some IEMs are *very* (extremely!) tip, source and cable dependent

    so if don't harmonize well - the output can be pretty disappointing so it might not be exactly the cable that it's at fault, it just doesn't match with that particular IEM
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  6. macky112
    does that mean KZ will only create new models with all BA? i am uninformed, but can all BA IEM produce big sub bass for gaming and movies?
  7. Mouseman
    It's probably The Terminator until they come out with #2, #3 and KZ Dark Fate. :darthsmile:

    BA can do deep bass, but you have to have at least one dedicated bass driver (or a double), but I have yet to hear one that moves the kind of air and shakes your head like a DD can.
  8. baskingshark
    There are pure multi BAs that can move air and extend low in the subbass and provide good quantity of subbass, but those I have heard with such qualities are in the higher price range.
    Eg. Westone 3 (3 BA) can move more air and decay longer/greater subbass quantity/extension than the BLON BL-03 (single DD). The Audiosense T800 (8 BA) can move air like a DD due to its vented subwoofer and tuning, and from my ears it can extend to 20 - 25 hZ subbass in extension.

    In the < $250 USD range, I think it's still cheaper to go for a hybrid (DD bass) to get the bass quantity/extension you require.
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  9. courierdriver
    I agree. And nothing wrong with the JCally 8 core copper cables either, imo. I have a balanced one on my ZS10 PRO and it sounds and works great. Sounds much better than the stock KZ cable, is less prone to tangling and has a chin slider. Copper cable are also great for taming iems that may be a bit bright sounding and give better bass definition to iems that might sound a bit lacking in the bass dept. Nothing wrong at all, with a good quality copper cable.
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  10. macky112
    does that mean I better stick up on them ZS7 before they disappear from the market?
    Or... wishful thinking KZ will make an all BA ZS7-equivalent?
  11. baskingshark
    I'm not a CHIFI insider, but I think when they said ZSX was "the terminator of the hybrid series", I think it is a translation issue. Much like Oppoty and Driams in BLONs. IMHO KZ probably won't give up on the hybrids since these hybrids are very popular and probably contribute a lot of earnings for them. They did try to venture into the all BA market that is > $100 USD with the KZ AS16, but it was not too successful cause they tried to fight with big boys in the > $100 USD market, where it is not so forgiving as the sub $50 bracket. I seriously doubt they can make an all BA set with good bass like the ZS7 for < $50 USD. But well, just 3 years ago, nobody would have believed a hybrid with multiple drivers can be sub $50, so one can always hope.

    Just in the middle of this year, KZ were releasing stuff on an almost monthly basis. Not sure why they are having radio silence since the KZ Terminator and their wireless IEM came out. But for sure, this is not the last we have heard from them. As Terminator says, "I'll be back!"
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  12. claxxion
    Just got myself a ZS10 Pro paired with KZ's 8-core gold cable and TRN foam tips. The gold cable feels premium and less prone to tangle compared to stock ones. Loving this combo. It has less muddy bass and overall improved clarity compared to the ZSN. I often pair it with my Fiio BTR3 on the go.

    Previously I've been using he original ZSN for the past 10 months. Found it to be superb in value for its low price. Therefore was curious to try KZ's mid range offerings.
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  13. gbrgbr
    The KZ Para-A and Para-B cable connector have one rounded side and a straight side. I remember reading here that the pin nearer to the rounded side is +ve and the the other is ground. Please confirm, I just can't find that post.

    I'm trying to fit a MMCX connector to the KZ Type-C cable, btw.

    EDIT : I should have just checked Salter's sig !
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  14. emeraldstone
    From @Slater: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-1194#post-13516067

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  15. nxnje
    Many daya listening to many IEMs.
    TRN V90, CCA C12, ZSX and guys.. TRN V90 are so good.
    The C12 are more balanced and technically better imho, but i like the V90 very much moreover if compared to the ZSX.
    One word: ENGAGING
    The review is theorically online but the website is on maintenance so images are not available, but the textual part is readable.
    https://www.audio-monkeys.com in the in ear section

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