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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. theresanarc
    How is the isolation on the KZ ES4s? They seem like they'd be ideal for the bus where I wanna keep the volume low and don't care too much about sound quality + a price under $25ish. The sound signature seems to be more mid-forward from what I've read compared to other KZ buds which is a nice bonus.

    I have the ZSNs which aren't very good at isolation with any tip I've tried and the ZS4s which isolate perfectly but are extremely uncomfortable to wear. The shape of the ES4s seems a bit smaller than the ZSNs so I'm hopeful that it will isolate better but without the discomfort of the ZS4s. Also had the EDR1s but those obviously aren't made for much isolation beyond the basic.

    I'll consider other options as well of course.
  2. caprimulgus
    Sorry to quote a post from a while back, but Iv'e just ordered both of these (BLON 03 & KZ ZSX), and I'm looking to pick up a pair of BT20S as well - will probably use one as a TWS, and one wired.

    Aside from the volume difference, does one of these IEMs go better with the BT20S than the other? (I think they have different pin size, so want to buy the right pin size for the one I'm more likely to use)

    If it makes a difference, I'd probably use the BT20S pair mostly for (non-FPS) gaming paired with a Genki bluetooth transmitter on Nintendo Switch. For music listening I'd probably use the other pair wired with DAP (but I guess I'd listen to some music on the bluetooth one as well). I'm a basshead, and listen mostly to hip hop, and a bit of pop/"edm" (as the kids call it these days!).

    Any thoughts from those who have both would be much appreciated! Pretty new to the chi-fi world! (Although I do have a pair of ZS5 as well)
  3. voicemaster
    Well bt20s has aptx. Both ZSX and BLON are pretty good paired with bt20s. I am using my bt20s to play dota2 and I do find it works just fine. get the 0.75mm two pin for both ZSX and BLON. I think the ZSX will be better for edm than the BLON, but I listen to everything using BLON and find it just fine.
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  4. caprimulgus
    I’m a bit hesitant to use the BT20S on both, cause I read that 2-pin sockets can loosen over time with repeated connection. Trying to minimise the changing of cables.

    Plus isn’t the BLON 0.78mm 2-pin? (I know the 0.75mm 2-pin would probably fit ok, but I thought I would be better off getting the correct size?)
  5. Mybutthurts
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  6. Nimweth
  7. macky112
    ok I’ll let go of the buy button for ZSX and keep enjoying my ZS7 and ZS10 Pro... lol

    when can we expect the successor to the ZSX?
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  8. HungryPanda
    Sooner rather than later I reckon
  9. Nimweth
    It's been a long time already in the KZ world. I reckon it'll be a carbon DD!
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  10. Mouseman
    I'm hoping for a low-voltage electrostat or a planar. :dt880smile:
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  11. macky112
    Can I wish for a ZS7 successor with even better sub-bass :wink:
  12. Crandall
    Better, yes.
    More, hopefully not.
  13. Nimweth
    KZ did say that the ZSX was "the terminator of the hybrid series" so that may not happen, but yes, an improved ZS7 would be great!
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  14. Seazer
    BLON would work better than zsx because it is less sensitive. The zsx would hiss significantly more with the bt20s
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  15. caprimulgus
    Ah cool, yeah might go with the BLON then. I prefer the smaller size of the BLON too, cause if it's going to be TWS, may as well be as small as possible! :)

    I think someone earlier in the thread said BLON would be better for gaming anyway, so seems to be the way to go! Cheers!
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