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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    Agreed 100%! That's why I'm so happy I sold my $10,000 home setup back in 2005. My first foray into iems was a sonic disaster with the Shure E5C, and I quickly switched to an over ear headphone (Grado SR125, and soon after, the SR225). Over the past year+, I've discovered how good the iem tech has advanced and have bought 4 sets. With Moondrop KPE, TFZ NO.3, Nicehck NX7, KZ ZS10 PRO...and multiple upgrade cables...I rec going for a portable setup way more, than keeping with a home based speaker based setup. So much more going for this, and costs substantially less. I've been much happier exploring this format...and discovering so many new iems. I couldn't have ever done this with speakers. Unaffordable for me.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  2. voicemaster
    U old guy!! :ksc75smile:
  3. courierdriver
    Yup, sure am! But 50+ is the new 30! LOL! Still luvin great sound though... so that's why I'm still here, and looking to help folks not make the same mistakes I did when I was younger. Just looking to help other young audio enthusiasts save a bunch of money and get excellent sound. If I can help someone save themselves the crazy amount of money I spent in my past searching for "audio Nirvana", I'm all over that. There's no such thing as BEST for all things. It doesn't exist. Best you can do is obtain multiple sets, to satisfy your desires for the kind of sound sig your looking for, with specific genres and recordings. I've been around long enough now, to know that "one size DOESN'T fit all".
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    I have the C10 and honestly it almost sounds like a KZ sister. It sounds amazing compared to a KZ but I swear the tuning seems similar.

    There is no reason for me to buy a KZ/CCA right now. I already own 15 models and have given a couple away.

    I wasnt smart when getting into iems. I stuck to buying one brand solely but that gives you a bad end result. I have now learned that Audiosense and BQEYZ are much better in the same price range.
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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    My signature says the best iems I have heard: BQEYZ KB1 & KB100. Semkarch CNT-1. Audiosense T100 and T180.

    These are in the $50USD bracket.

    PS: These are also better than any KZ I own. I also didn't need to change the cable or tips to make them sound great.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    I have the ZS7 and honestly it doesnt seem as good as the BQEYZ or Audiosense brands. I need to revisit that idea. But it's how I feel.

    I've read a number of bad comments here on the ZS10 Pro. I may try the ZSN Pro before that. Anyone know how much better in % that the ZS10 Pro is better than the ZSN Pro?
  7. Seazer
    I really wish I had the money to blow on an Astell & Kern. My local hifi shop has a bunch of them and they sound so good. I prefer the high end Astell & Kern over the Chord Hugo 2 and Questyle dac amps
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  8. voicemaster
    If I may suggest, you better stay away from KZ altogether because you already have that perception that it will be just another KZ that it gonna suck so whatever we say, you will just deny. Better to just move on to other brands and never look back. You happy, others happy, all is well.
  9. baskingshark
    I think all of us have different music sound signature preferences and different music genres that we listen to. Music is very subjective after all, and what is excellent for somebody may be lousy for another and vice versa. We all love music at the end of the day and I definitely respect yours and others' opinions!
    Some IEMs are more suited for certain genres like for example the ZS7 is very bass dominant and would suit EDM and other bass forward music well. But it might not be the best option for those wanting a neutralish tuning like for classical. And in general the KZ house tuning signature is usually V shaped.
    I'm not a KZ fanboy by any means, but I think they have made some great strides recently with their hybrids like the ZSX and ZS10 Pro. Maybe the only complaint I have about ZS10 Pro is that it has a bit of an artificial timbre in the treble, but that's an unfair fault at its price point.

    I do hope u find the IEM u are looking for friend! Who knows, KZ may come out with something that is suitable for u one day, if not this is the golden age of CHIFI and there are many other CHIFI brands and price points to suit the different ones of us.
  10. Jmop
    I’m not really sure where to put this but I’m already on this thread so here goes. Companies need to stop with the custom-like “bump” on universal models. It doesn’t add much in securing the fit and more often than not just gets in the way. I’ve had to resell otherwise good iems because I can’t even wear them without discomfort after 20 minutes.
  11. chinmie
    the only KZs that I've heard are the ATE, ATR, ZS3, ZS5, and i stopped buying KZs.
    then after a long journey with other IEMs up and down the price bracket, i impulsively bought the ZS10 Pro because i was curious how much KZ has improved.. and i was pleasantly surprised. now the next one (the terminator) also unanimously reviewed as better than the ZS10 Pro. i probably won't buy it because i don't feel the need to at this moment, heck, i didn't need the ZS10 Pro in the first place. but I'm glad i did, because i can i see the KZ products have progressed in the right direction.
    the ripple effect would be that other companies would race to make even better products (like the Blon, that one is intriguing)
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  12. voicemaster
    That's why they got the CCA C12 lol
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  13. Keputs
    I agree with the spinfit CP155. Using that now on my ZSX.
  14. Jmop
    I’ve only owned one hybrid (ikko oh1) and I found it to lack a touch of coherency between the bass and the rest of the response, though they were a great buy otherwise including comfort and build. Kinda weary of hybrids for that reason but I’m always open to recommendations.
  15. Seazer
    I think the more elongated housing of the ZSX helps distribute the weight across the ear better than something like the Zs10 pro that is more centered around the ear canal. The ZSX feels more secure as a result while the weight of the ZS10 pro is more prone to breaking the seal when using silicone tips. As far as the bump I don't really mind it either way, most of the time the bump doesn't even touch my ear. But that depends on the iem since they are all shaped different. I find the bump on the ZSX to be better shaped than the bump on the ZS3 for sure

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