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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. muths66
    Will zsx more suitable with the use of copper or mix anyone?
  2. baskingshark
    I used flash mode D only, haven't tried other modes. But it makes a huge difference than normal lowend android phone for me.

    I seen good stuff about the tempotec idsd and plus version but currently i have a good enough DAP and DAC so I am waiting for it to be discounted more.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Which KZ's do the copper ZSN cable sound good on? They rock on the ZS10!
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    How does it compare to BQEYZ iems?
  5. voicemaster
    Just got my C12 today. They sound pretty darn similar to ZSX. But, what I noticed when I tried ZSX for the very first time, how the highs can be piercing at times, but it does go away after some time. Meanwhile, C12 is just smooth at the very first listening, no sibilant whatsoever. Nothing offensive, high is well extended but no piercing at all. Mid is forward, but not too in your face. Bass is well extended as well and with good impact and weight to it.
    This is just my initial impression, I will continue to listen and A/B with ZSX.
  6. MacAttack7
    I just added the C12 to my list of potential buys today. Can you compare the fit of the ZSX with the C12?
    I like to walk a lot wearing my earphones, so wondering which would stay more snug while walking.
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  7. Assimilator702
    Yeah my biggest fear was they were both tuned the same after reading someone’s comment here that they sounded the same. But the person didn’t specify the gear or tracks used.
    When I got my C12 my ZSX had almost 100 hours on them. I heard no difference between the two. That damn comment got in my brain and it influenced what I was hearing. I didn’t touch the C12 at all for 2 days and when I finally did give a second listen I could hear the differences the most obvious is that upper midrange emphasis of the C12. Right now I’m using Large wide bore tips that ship with TFZ iems and I’m liking what I’m hearing. It seems the roles are reversed with the ZS10 PRO being brighter than the C10. Except this round both are tuned much better IMO.
  8. voicemaster
    Well, the thing with zsx is if it fits you, it will give you a better snug fit with little to no movement at all. For C12, it is basically the same shape as ZS10pro while being bigger by 1mm.
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  9. DynamicEars
    KB100 still my best pick under $50 until i receive ZSX. its tough call, i like forwarded mids of KB100, and their special imaging
    but soundstage, sub bass-mid bass proportion and tuning, details, separation, air, etc go to ZSX. Hopefully not too early to say, but if Im only allowed to take one, Ill pick ZSX (but for sure i will miss imaging and smoothness from BQEYZ). If KB100+ZSX combine and make a child = perfect budget iem
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  10. DynamicEars
    so more or less from what I see from their FR graph, C12 have more boosted upper mids and lower highs region. When the rest sound similar means they are both very capable iems, just more preferences here. for me even with ZSX i sometimes feel upper mids were too dominant a little bit, lucky i didnt pick C12. And i have no interest to pick both of them. Im trying their outside competitor, the TRN V90, but still around 2 weeks until i got them maybe.
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  11. Seazer
    Yeah my v90 just entered usps from China, hopefully it comes soon, I don't have an eta. Meanwhile my Guideray Gr i come tomorrow so I'll see how that sounds. I know not many people have gotten their hands on it yet, there are barely any reviews
  12. SoraNeko
    How would it compare to something like the G7 Tho?
  13. RikudouGoku
    G7 is still better, I have both. But the sonata is better than a galaxy s8 at least ( my friends s8)
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  14. darmanastartes
    I posted a measurement comparison of the KZ ZSX and the TRN V90 in the TRN thread, along with some initial impressions.
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  15. KipNix
    "Advanced Wearable Audio".
    Advanced from when? Back to the future? LOL
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